Molly cat

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This gorgeous girl has overcome so much that she deserves to find the best home ever!   She came into foster with her  kittens in a very poor state.   She was terrified of everyone and everything.   We believe she has probably had multiple litters in the past, but thankfully we have now been able to ensure that this has come to an end.

Molly has slowly learned to trust humans and enjoys fuss and attention .   She has lived with other cats and is unfazed by them.   Although she is wary of dogs, she overly bothered by them.

Molly needs a home where she will be able to settle and find her feet in order to show how affectionate she has become.   A home where she can receive lots love, care and attention (something she has never had up until now)

She can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery


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