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We are now only accepting cats and kittens who have been taken to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital by RSPCA Inspectors or Collection Officers. Many have been ill-treated or severely neglected by their previous owners.

The branch is now sharing private boarding with RSPCA Stockport, East Cheshire and South Derbyshire Branch at Bowler’s Cattery, SK2 5HF and as a result their little cats and kittens are also appearing on this page. PLEASE NOTE: Bowler’s Cattery no longer allows open access viewing in order to protect staff and visitors alike from Covid-19 so you must make an appointment.

TO ARRANGE TO MEET AND ADOPT ANY OF THE CATS OR KITTENS BELOW PLEASE TELEPHONE:0795 412 2481. Or, send us an email to [email protected] not forgetting to include your contact phone number. This number is ONLY FOR ADOPTIONS. The branch can now only accept cats and kittens rescued by our inspectors due to lack of funds and safe spaces to care for them.


Our adoption fees – from £65 for an adult cat and £75 for a kitten and is dependent on breed (cash please). This fee goes some way to offset the costs we incur in caring for and treating the cats in our care, please contact us for terms for multiple adoptions or when adopting an elderly cat. When compared with the initial expense of essential welfare costs when obtaining a “free” kitten from a friend or neighbour, such as neutering, Blood tests, vaccinations and flea and worming treatment the estimated cost of which is now over £200, by adopting one of our animals you are saving money and…….more importantly a life. See our Adoption Process on the right hand column particularly the link to – Adopting a Cat from the branch for a full breakdown of costs.

To see more information and photos (if available) please just click on the “.. continue reading” link which will take you to each cat or kitten’s full information and photos then by clicking on their thumbnail photos you will be able to view larger images.

To see even more cats looking for homes please follow the “older posts” link at the foot of each page.



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Hello, my name is Poppy and I am looking for my new family.   My foster mum says that I am a very sweet little cat and very lovable.

So if you are looking for a friendly little kitty please think of me

Written on Poppy’s behalf by her fosterer.

Poppy may now be seen at Bowler’s Cattery where she went once she had recovered from her neutering operation.

Molly cat

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This gorgeous girl has overcome so much that she deserves to find the best home ever!   She came into foster with her  kittens in a very poor state.   She was terrified of everyone and everything.   We believe she has probably had multiple litters in the past, but thankfully we have now been able to ensure that this has come to an end.

Molly has slowly learned to trust humans and enjoys fuss and attention .   She has lived with other cats and is unfazed by them.   Although she is wary of dogs, she overly bothered by them.

Molly needs a home where she will be able to settle and find her feet in order to show how affectionate she has become.   A home where she can receive lots love, care and attention (something she has never had up until now)

Please send an email to arrange to meet this special girl.


Daisy long hair

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This is the very beautiful Daisy, who is 7 years old and has been a house cat all her life.  Her family have asked us to find her a loving new home due to a change in their circumstances including working long hours and leaving her alone for far too long.  Daisy will need regular grooming to keep her luxurious fur in good condition.

She will be happy to live as a house cat or be allowed to venture outside if you can offer her a safe environment to explore.

If you would like to meet her she can be seen at Bowler’s cattery.


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harriet-tuxedo Harriet is 8 years of age and would very much like to find a family to call her own.   She is a lovely friendly girl with a very pretty tuxedo coat.

If you would like to meet her at Bowler’s cattery please ring 07432 709198 to make an appointment.


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beans-cat Beans is another Tuxedo girl who is about 2 years of age.   She would love a new family to offer her a forever home.

If you would like to meet her at Bowler’s cattery please ring 07432 709198 to make an appointment.

Bubbles – Reserved

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bubbles-cat This is our pretty Bubbles.   She is what the Americans call a little Tuxedo kitty who is a very friendly little girl who is just about 2 years old.   Her scatty kitten days are over but she still loves to play.

If you would like to meet her at Bowler’s cattery please ring 07432 709198 to make an appointment.



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whiskas-cat This is the lovely Whiskas, although perhaps he should have been called Poirot as he has such a large moustache.   Whiskas is about 6 years of age and would like a loving new family to call his own.

If you would like to meet him at Bowler’s cattery please ring 07432 709198 to make an appointment.