Toby’s marvelous fundraising

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tobywalker2 News about Toby and his brilliant fundraising effort from his proud family.  Thank you so much Toby because as you say every penny does count and this will go to help another little dog in need just like you were before your family adopted you.

“Two years ago we adopted Toby from you; a little rag-o-muffin with a floppy ear and just right for cuddling.

I work with the elderly and Toby comes to work with me everyday and has become an important part of the care home where I work.  He does a great job there and has a winning way with the old folks who love him to bits.

Every year I organise a fund raising Sponsored Walk for the care home; we haven’t taken Toby with us before as we thought it would be too much for his as he’s getting on now.  Toby has cataracts starting and is rather deaf – poor ol’ sould, but none of this seems to bother him as he happily carries on.

As Toby just loves to be with us, we thought we would take him on the long walk this year, and see how much he could manage.  We didn’t want him getting into difficulties, so we took along a large Ikea bag and his blanket, so he could have a carry if he needed a rest!

Toby did really well on the Sponsored Walk and only need to be carried on the steep hills.  As everyone loves Toby at work, I gave him his own sponsor form which I tied to his back and went round all the staff who gave him a pound and filled in their own pet’s names as sponsors.

We raised a couple of hundred pounds for the elderly and Toby raised £10.00 on his sponsor form which he would like to send to the RSPCA. Every penny counts!

See his photos on the walk, one having a well earned rest and one being carried in his own Ikea bag”.


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