Toby – special needs kitty

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toby-cat Toby, a domestic short haired kitty who is thought to be about 3 years of age, came to the branch from one of our local veterinary surgeons.  He was found as an injured stray by a kind lady who thought he had badly injured his leg and took him to the surgery to be scanned for a microchip and his leg repaired.

However, following examination, it was found that he has a club foot and will always limp and be unable to climb or escape from dangerous situations easily.

He is currently staying with one of our volunteer fosterers where he will receive lots of TLC while he recovers from his neutering operation and until he finds a caring forever family.

Ideally, he will need to live as an indoor cat in a house or apartment, although a well fenced, escape proof garden will be fine as this should keep him out of trouble quite easily.

If you could offer this little boy a loving home please don’t hesitate to text or email us to arrange to meet him.


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