Toby – Rehomed

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toby4 Toby – 6 years old collie.  Thank you for the new pictures of me I look really good, and the lady who took them described me as a georgous dog (I think she is right).  Originally from another rescue at 1 year old,  Toby at present due to his owner’s ill health cannot get the exercise he needs.

Toby is very affectionate and gentle with people and is good with children. He loves his ball and would be great with an active family. he is very well trained in the house.   He is friendly with other dogs when off the lead but can bark at them when on the lead.   As with all Collie’s he loves playing ball.  Walks okay on lead but as you can see from some of the pictures, because of the owners ill health she walks him on a Canny Collar.  He is good in the house and is used to being left and is not destructive.  He needs grooming regularly to keep that big bushy tail looking at its best




Toby can live with:

Adults: Yes

Children: 5+

Other Dogs: Yes

Cats: unknown

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