Tin Tin who was Tiddles – Rehomed

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tiddles2 Tin Tin – I have had two other names but everyone thought my first one didn’t suit me.  During RSPCA week, when we were collecting at Tesco’s Superstore in Stalybridge to raise lots of money for the branch, some children decided that I should be called Tiddles…. So Tiddles became my second name.  But now I am called Tin Tin because other dogs kept giving me funny looks when my fosterer shouted Tiddles, …….. I think they were expecting me to be a C.A.T. !!! 

Tin Tin is a 1 year old crossbreed who is very good with people but had not been socalised very much with other dogs.  “…. now I am in foster care my fosterer is introducing me to loads of dogs and I’m doing really well”.

Tin Tin has lived with children but needs a family who do not have very young children at home.  Tin Tin is a very quick learner and has started to learn very quickly a few commands, he is house trained, and his fosterer has said he is lovely to have around.


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