Sheena is Loving Life and Looking Good

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sheenbmrehomed Hi everyone,

Just to let you know how well I’m doing, I was weighed at my vets, and I am now 44.3 kilograms. I have lots of new friends that I walk out with, they are Millie, Molly, Cassia, Ivy, Boss, and my best buddy is Dudley, who is just a year old and a little Jack Russell. I have the now began to learn how to run, play and have fun, but I still do get tired. I have my own bed that I sleep on each night, it stops me trying to squash in with my dad and mum, I love to do it, but they grumble at not having enough room when I stretch myself out. Last week I made mum sleep in my bed and I slept with my dad. This is the photo she took of us as proof!

I go for lovely long walks with my mum, sometimes we set off in the car and park up, and then walk round woods and by rivers, other times we set off and walk by the canal near my home, I saw some cows last week that were the same colour as me, they came to say hello, two of them were licking me, mum said that they thought I was a calf, I was not scared, but they made me very wet and soggy.

I am a very happy girl, and very loved and spoiled, and have everything I could need. My mum keeps forgetting to take her camera with her when we go out but when she remembers, I will send some more pictures for you.

Give my love to everyone,

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