Purdy Lurcher

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purdy-lurcher-2 Purdy came to the branch to find her forever family via one of our Inspectors.  She is 2 years old and a typical lurcher who definitely has greyhound in her make up but what else is anyone’s guess.

She has a lovely nature but any adopters need to understand that they must keep any food items safely hidden away and not left out on the kitchen counters.

She had a body of score of 3 out 9 so is a bit underweight and is currently on 3 meals a day to get a little more fat on her bones.  However, as a sighthound she shouldn’t be allowed to get too fat as excess weight is really damaging to their joints.

She has never lived in house before but within a couple of days she is now clean in her foster home.  She is living with another hound and gets on well with him.

Having been trained to chase by her previous owners and even though she is a failed chaser, she is definitely NOT cat or small furry safe.

We are looking for a home with older children (over 8s) or an adult only home, where she won’t be left alone for more than short time in the first instance.   She would also like to live with another older more sensible dog.

Sighthound experience would be an advantage.

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