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Monty 2 Monty is a lovely, bouncy German Shepherd cross of about 6 months of age.   He has come to the branch to find a new home via one of our RSPCA inspectors.  Poor Monty has never had the chance to experience living in a home as he was kept outside since he left his mum as a very young puppy.   This means that Monty needs an adult at home for most of the time to ensure that his house training is up to scratch and that he won’t be lonely and bored and perhaps eat your house.

Monty has never met any others since going to live in his owners’ backyard and although he loves people he does like his own way.   He will need one to one attention at first although he is a bright boy who will enjoy going to doggy training school in the future.  In fact this will be essential as he will need to be taught what is acceptable and what is not.  He will need someone who has experience of large breed puppies and who is willing to put in the time needed to ensure that this handsome boy becomes a well socialised and happy member of society.

His adopters should be aware that he will soon cover your carpets and clothes in white hair as he will change his coat spring and autumn and shed some hairs all year round.  So lots of brushes and combs will be needed as regular grooming will be essential.

We are looking for an adult only home for this boy.

First posted 3.4.19



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