Molly – Rehomed

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molly-sbt Sadly, Molly’s adoption wasn’t successful as she needed to have all her adopters’ attention and wouldn’t let their older dog have her usual loving relationship with her family.   As a result we will not rehome Molly to a family with another dog or dogs.

Her adopters say that despite everything Molly is wonderful with people and even other dogs when out on her walks and are very upset that this adoption hasn’t worked out as apart from her jealousy Molly was so good in the home.

Her kennel staff said that she is a lovely, girl who can be a bit shy at first, but soon comes round.   Having been in care for so long she has been having lots of training sessions which have been brilliant as she is so keen to learn new things, such as sit, stay, wait, find it, spin, go through your legs and lots of other fun commands too.   In fact she will be a joy for any family whether it’s an adult only home or one with older children of 10 years plus and where there is someone at home most of the time.

As with many rescued dogs she will need some time to settle into her family’s routine and will tend to pace and need lots of attention during her first few weeks before she begins to realise that this lovely family and home are forever. See the rule of 3

If you would like to meet Molly please ring Pat on 07811404346

First published July 2020.

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