Mabel – Rehomed

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mabel3 Mabel is a 9 month old American Bulldog.  Mabel is currently in a foster home and this is what her foster mum has to say about her

Mabel is an extra special baby who is eager to learn and very alert.  Given the opportunity, she loves nothing more than sneaking onto the sofa with you for a snuggle!  Mabel enjoys her walks and especially looks forward to meeting and playing with other dogs on the field; she can be quite clumsy during play but has never shown any signs of aggression.  She is cautious when strangers approach without a dog (especially men) but with encouragement and time, her confidence will improve.   

Likes/Things I am ok with:

  • Playing chase in the garden with her teddy or tennis ball
  • Enjoys plenty of sleeping, snoring, dreaming and lying on her back with her legs in the air
  • Plenty of praise and encouragement (with the help of treats!)
  • Currently in a foster home with 2 children (9yrs and 5yrs) – she has particularly bonded with my 9yr old daughter!
  • Gaining more confidence with car travel but will be sick if fed prior to travel – travels in a crate in the boot at the moment.
  • Currently residing with a cat – very curious but no signs of aggression.  She does chase the cat when he runs away so she would probably be best suited to a home without cats.
  • No problems through the night and fully toilet trained
  • Doesn’t mind the sound of a hair dryer
  • Will happily go into a large crate during the night or when we go out – mainly to stop the alarm going off, her own safety and so the cat can come in and out when he pleases.
  • Reacts quickly when told ‘No’ – mainly when mouthing your hand, pinching slippers or the kid’s teddies.
  • Walks nicely on the lead but will stop if she is unsure about her surroundings or hears a noise she doesn’t like.
  • Loves meeting other dogs on her walks and having a play if they are willing.
  • Enjoyed a recent trip to the vets and was very happy to see and greet strangers.

Dislikes/Things I am unsure about:

  • Loud noises or bangs
  • Going outside for the toilet when it’s raining
  • Fast/sudden movements towards her
  • The hoover – she will run and hide in another room or go out into the garden
  • Will chase birds and squirrels given the chance
  • Travelling on the back seat of the car – someone would need to reassure and sit with her


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