Lily and Dash (aka – Lucy)

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Lily and Dash This is a quick note to say thank you for our two cats that we adopted from you at the end of last October, Lily and Lucy (who is now called Dash).

They have settled in well although Lily is still quite nervous around people but very happy in the garden, unfortunately she brought in a half dead crow last week! Although Dash/Lucy was quite thin when she came here, she is much bigger now and has grown a lovely thick coat of fur. They both love going out in the garden and on the whole get on reasonably well together and keep fit rushing round after each other. I have attached some pictures although the first picture is from early on, the others are more recent.

Thanks too to Doris for reassuring help on the phone after they arrived when I wondered if Lily would ever come out from behind the bed, what finally did the trick was some scraps of roast chicken, I guess that she thought this was not too bad a place after all.

We are all enjoying watching them coming and going.  All good wishes for your continued work at the RSPCA.

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