Tootsie – rehomed

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Tootsie is a lovely, black and white little girl who is a little shy at first but very friendly once she gets to know you.

She has been  having trouble with her ears and will need to visit the vet before she is rehomed due to a suspected Haematoma in her ear which prevents drops for ear mites reaching the right place.  Once this has been drained and healed she will be looking for her family again.


Murphy – Rehomed

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Murphy is estimated to be between 7 and 12 months of age.   His staff at the cattery say he’s a lovely friendly boy who is lovely with children and came into care with another little cat so he will probably settle in well with another cat in his new home.

He would love to meet you once the cattery’s lock down is over.



Billy and Becky – Rehomed

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Billy (black) and Becky (grey) were signed over to the RSPCA together. They are lovely, friendly cats. Billy is 18 and Becky is 10 years old. We would love to find them a home together. They would have to be indoor cats.

Sally – Rehomed

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Sally is estimated to be about 5 years old.   She is a lovely friendly little girl who can’t wait to meet you once the boarding cattery’s lock down is over.



Theo – Rehomed

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max-mastiff-x Theo, who is still very much a big puppy is approximately 2 years old.  He is a Mastiff cross and he is still growing into his paws.    Theo has a shiny black and white coat and we are sure he will turn heads wherever he goes.  He came to the branch to find his forever home via the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.

Theo is currently under the vet because he has small kidneys so he does need someone who is willing to carry on with his treatment if and when prescribed

He is a lovely, friendly, slobbery boy who will be lots of fun for any family who love large dogs.   But because of his size we are looking for an adult only home or one with teenage children as he is still uncoordinated could easily knock smaller children over in his excitement at meeting them.

First posted on 12.9.2019


Marlin – Rehomed

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marlin-bc Marlin, is now in the care of one of our Trustees, who is classed as a front line worker (animal care) and a regular fosterer of branch dogs.   When we needed to amend her microchip details we found that we had been given the wrong number, only one digit out but it made all the difference.   She will be celebrating her 13th birthday on 1st May this year.

Her blood tests have come back as normal even when we thought she was 10 so they are really good for a 13 year old.   She is now being weaned off the steroid tablets which were prescribed to help with her ear problems and we hope that she will soon be much better.

Because of her ongoing ear problems and now a suspicious lump whose biopsy is inconclusive, we have to wait until the vets at the hospital decide whether to remove the lump once the Covid 19 lock down is over or to leave it now we know her real age, but  we are putting this lovely Border Collie on hold until she is pronounced fit to go.  We will contact everyone again once we have the all clear from her veterinary surgeon.

She is a small border collie who is a little overweight and is unsure about some dogs she meets.  Marlin came to the branch to find a new family via one of our RSPCA inspectors as her previous owner is ill (not with Covid 19).

We are looking for a quieter home for Marlin, with a garden where she can play fetch and one where her new family will take her to new places and help her to enjoy life.

First published on 27.2.20 having been in kennels since before Christmas

Walking someone else’s dog – advice during Covid 19

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Please see our Advice from the National Society and Defra regarding walking someone else’s dog

Please be aware that these guidelines may change to meet government guidelines

Walking someone else's dog for them during coronavirus

Please be aware that these guidelines may change to meet government guidelines

R.I.P. Lassie – in memoriam

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We received some very sad news yesterday.

Lassie, who was brought into our care in 2009 by an RSPCA inspector because at 3 years old she wasn’t being fed or cared for as she should have been, has sadly has passed away peacefully.



Thank you Robin for giving this beautiful girl such a loving home.


Lassie my baby Rough Collie passed away 25th March 2020

You were the light in my life

The best thing that’s ever happened to me

My best friend

My companion

My saviour

I love you more than words can express

Not a day went by when we were not together

I was with you till the end

I tried to give you the best life I could

You loved me unconditionally as I did you

Your condition of Degenerative Myelopathy was pain free

You slipped into a stupor and my heart broke

I massaged your chest to try and bring you round pleading with you not to leave me

You emerged from unconsciousness only for a few seconds to look at me as if to say I know Daddy, but I have to.

I know 14 is a good age but I wasn’t ready for you to leave

The blessing is that I know you didn’t suffer, it was quick and you were not in pain and slipped away when unconscious with me caressing you.

My life is now a void

The gap is unbearable

I don’t know how to cope without you

My light has gone out

I am broken

Thank you with all my heart for choosing me to spend your life with.


Ace – rehomed

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ace-cat-2 Meet Ace … I’m looking for my forever home and can’t wait to meet you all when it’s safe to do so. I was left dumped in my carrier. But I’m glad I’m safe now. I’m 5 years old and a very friendly, loving boy.

Ace will be so happy to meet you once the cattery’s lock down is over.

Ronnie – Rehomed

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ronnieoldham Ronnie is a 14 week old puppy.  He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross.  He is full of mischief and fun and is looking for a home with no small children and a family who understands that he is still a puppy and will get up to lots of naughty things and will need his training carrying on.   Ronnie is very loving and loves being with people

Covid-19 emergency information

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Important information regarding the Covid-19 emergency and the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital can be found on their website. If you are in receipt of means tested benefits or have been laid off during this emergency and your pet is ill and you need to see a private vet but can’t afford to meet all your bill we can offer a voucher to help. Please be aware that as we have to spread our funds as widely as possible it won’t pay for everything. We strongly advise people to take out insurance for their pets if at all possible. If you need one of our vouchers please text 07954122481 with your and your pet’s details including their name, breed, sex, colour, their illness and the name of your own veterinary practice. We also offer vouchers towards the cost of neutering.

Please note that Bowlers’ Cattery is also closed to the public.   They have to safeguard their staff and you from spreading the disease.

From the 25th March we will not be able to adopt out our animals who are ready to be rehomed or place newly arrived dogs and cats in foster homes until this emergency is over, although our current foster homes are full

Harriet – Rehomed

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Harriet This is little Harriet who was sadly bereaved.   She is a lovely little dog once she gets to know you but can be a bit grumpy when she wants to be.

At 11 years of age all this old girl wants is to have a loving home and a happy retirement.   She still likes her walks and to toddle around the garden.

If you would like to meet Harriet with view to adoption please ring 07811404346 to discuss Harriet further and perhaps make an appointment.

Poppy – Rehomed

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poppy-puppy-sitting Poppy is a little crossbreed puppy who is now just 5 months old.   She came into branch care with a broken leg which has now healed but her adopters should bear this in mind and let her have gentle exercise at first.

Poppy is a little sweetie and has been an excellent house guest with her foster family.   She is house trained and is dry in the night.  Poppy is currently living with Dobermans and a Boxer along with 2 cats and she gets on well with them all.

We are looking for family with older teenage children or an adult only home for little Poppy.


Bob kitten – Rehomed

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bob-kitten Meet Bob who is still a young boy at only 6 months old.   He came into branch care to have some much needed TLC by his foster mum.

Bob is a typical lively boy who loves to play and can be left for a few hours without getting into too much trouble.

We a looking for a family with or without children over 5 years of age who are gentle with animals they meet.


Photos from our James Bond Christmas Ball

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016 A huge thank you to everyone who came to our fundraising ball in December and to Angela for giving up so much of her time to organise the whole event, our great chef, Matteo, and Andy our fabulous DJ, who made the whole evening so much fun.

We raised £1,311.50 after all expenses which will help pay for veterinary treatment and food for the animals in branch care.   During 2019 we rehomed 176 cats and dogs who were brought to us by RSPCA Inspectors.    Many of whom needed extra TLC and expensive veterinary treatment before they were well enough to begin life with their forever families.




Tia – Rehomed

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tiagsd1 Tia is a 4 year old German Shepherd, who is finding it very difficult to cope with kennel life.   Tia was in our care back in September but due to her new owners ill health she has had to be returned.  Tia is a lovely dog in the house and with people, but due to her previous life, where she did not see much of life, she does struggle whilst out on walks. Tia does get quite distressed by other dogs and some noises.

We are looking for an experienced German Shepherd family for Tia, an adult only home or one with older children over 12 years of age, and with no other dogs.

We would love to hear from anyone who would like to foster this lovely girl or even better adopt her officially.


Breeze – Rehomed

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Breeze Breeze is about 3 years old and a lurcher who has come into branch care via one of our RSPCA Inspectors.

She is a lovely, friendly girl who was very frightened of some men when she first came but having gained in confidence is getting much better when she meets them in the street or the park.

Sadly, Breeze’s left eye had been damaged, probably some time ago and following an eye scan by one of our local vets was found have a damaged retina and a developing cataract.  Follow up x-rays of two suspicious lumps discovered that she had 5 pellets embedded throughout her body including one behind her eye.   Our vets are confident that this wasn’t an accidental shooting because of the spread from her head to her tail.

Breeze suffers from severe separation anxiety which is getting a bit better in her foster home but she will need a family where there is someone around all the time and where a man in the house is prepared to have lots of patience with her until she realises that she is safe.

Breeze demonstrating her recall…. as long as treats are involved.

Breeze’s fosterer tells us that she is not cat or small animal safe and can be “iffy” with some small dogs, but her fosterers are working with her on this and her adopters will need to continue the training. Luckily, unlike some lurchers she is food orientated.   She is currently walked in a collar and harness on most outings.   She can travel by car or bus but hasn’t been taken on a train yet.

first posted: 30.12.19

Max – Rehomed

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max-cs-2   Max has had a large number of enquiries A huge thank you to everyone who has contacted us, we will keep you updated.

Max is about 4 years old and has come to the branch to find a new family.   He is an English Springer Spaniel x Cocker Spaniel and is a happy dog who is very active and loves people.

We are looking for an active family for this boy, he is no couch potato and will need plenty of exercise to keep his mind and body in tip top condition.




Jessie – lurcher – Rehomed

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jessie Meet Jessie, who came to the branch to find a new home via one of our inspectors.   Her kennel staff say she is a total poppet.     At only 9 months of age she will make a lovely addition to any family who know that lurchers aren’t the type of dog to stick by your leg on a walk.

She gets on well with other dogs so with careful introductions would be happy to join another sighthound’s family.

We are looking for home where any children are over 8 years of age as she could easily knock little ones over as she loves to zoom around and doesn’t always look where she’s going.

If you need further information and would like to meet our beautiful Jessie please ring please ring 07811 404346


Ace – Rehomed

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acewilmslowpup1 Ace is 11 months old and this very handsome boy is looking for a family who understands that he is still and pup and still doing puppy things.  He is a lovely affectionate boy who just wants to show you how much he likes you, but at the moment because he is only young he is trying to push the boundries, so he does need someone who is willing to put a lot of hard work into him.  We would not rehome him with young children because he does still need training and he could knock a little one over. Fine around other dogs. Knows basic commands Can be giddy but he’s only a puppy.  He is strong and does have more growing and filling out to do so he does need someone used to larger dogs. Not a first time owner.

For further enquiries and viewing please ring 07811 404346

First posted: 1.11.19.