Adult Dog or Puppy Fosterers Urgently Needed

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The branch urgently needs a local person/people who are able to foster puppies in their homes, often at short notice. We also need fosterers able to take in adult dogs who aren’t coping well in kennels.

More often than not, the temporary home is needed for a single puppy who is far too young to stay in kennels while he/she awaits a new home. Sometimes a puppy might be recovering from an illness so will need special round the clock care. From time to time we may even have a litter of puppies to find foster care for.

If we don’t have foster spaces we are unable to take in really young puppies in need because they cannot go into kennels, so we are appealing for local people who have the space and availability to volunteer for this important role.

As an emergency fosterer you may be called upon to offer space in your home at short notice, you will be given as much information about your temporary guest as possible and full support is provided. Your own transport is not necessary as other volunteers will be able to transport the puppy or adult dog to vet appointments and meetings with potential adopters. All you need is the space, patience, time and of course the ability to provide love and care to a young animal or adult who really needs it.

Even if you can only foster a single puppy or adult dog, if you would like to help and want to know more please get in touch as a matter of urgency.

See more animal welfare volunteering opportunities.

We need your help – our funds are running low

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We always need help to raise funds.  As is the case with many small charities many of our fund raising events are organised and staffed by only a few of our members and we are desperately in need of more people who can spare 2 hours holding a can or selling logoed goods at our instore collections.

Your help at these events will mean that we can continue to ensure our dogs and cats are well-cared for whilst they are waiting for their forever new families.  Even if you cannot make the dates, or are unable to stand for long periods of time, but would like to personally help the animals in our care with a donation,  just click on the MyDonate link on the right to make a secure online donation by card or, if you have a mobile phone, you can now donate by text.  Alternatively, you can donate by cheque, made out to RSPCA Tameside and Glossop branch,  and sent to the branch c/o Volunteer Centre Tameside, 95/97 Penny Meadow, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6EP, where the kind people there, will ensure that your letter and donation reach the branch safely.

Please visit our Diary dates page for a schedule of these and further fundraising events.

Donate much needed food and equipment

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If you would prefer to donate food and other much needed items directly to the branch rather than cash donation, we are in need of the following:

  • Cat litter
  • Kitten food
  • Dog coats
  • Dog leads
  • Toys and various other comforts

Your gifts will benefit RSPCA animals who have suffered at the hands of their previous owners and are being rehabilitated by our volunteer dog walkers and cat socialisers.

Food, beds and cat litter etc will help to feed and provide warmth and comfort to those who are too young or sick to be rehomed from the cattery or kennels and are being cared for by fosterers in their own homes.

Our Amazon Wish List

We have an Amazon wish list containing all the items we (ideally) need which can be viewed here: – Wish List.

All you need to do is click ‘add to basket’ next to the item you would like to buy for us and then checkout in the usual way. All items will be delivered directly to us.

If you can’t donate, please share using the buttons below. Thank you :)

Arnie – Rehomed

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arnie6 Arnie has been with the branch since March this year and we’re all getting a little worried (including Arnie) that no-one will offer him a new home.     He came to us when he was 11 months old and is a Shar Pei cross, who was originally purchased as a pure bred Shar Pei from a local, well known puppy farm outlet.   He is quite a shy boy who, typical of his breed, can be a little aloof when he first meets new people and as a result whoever adopts him will need to be patient and allow him time to settle in with his new family and home.

Whilst he was growing up he missed out on meeting people and visiting new places and now needs to start to learn that there is a whole wide world out there  with exciting new places to investigate and enjoy.  His confidence has greatly improved whilst he’s been in our care.

For more photos and a short video continue

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Tiny – Rehomed

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tinysbthd Tiny is approximately 7 years old and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Tiny was rehomed some time ago but came back to the branch as his previous adopters hadn’t really got the time anymore to give him the attention and exercise which this active little staffy needs.

His dog walkers say: “Tiny should really be called ‘Sunny’ due to his lovely nature. He was brought up with a young child and loves children and adults alike.  He OK with other dogs with careful introductions.  Tiny is quite happy to walk alongside his walkers and ignore dogs he passes, because he is so pleased to be out and about and enjoying life.  All in all Tiny is a great ambassador for his breed and would make an ideal family pet, as he is a very loving dog.”

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Bailey enjoying his new family

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baileyterrierrehomed   Bailey is a very cheeky chappy who is really enjoying his home comforts and going for long walks

Holly and Ivy in their new home

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holly-and-ivy-rehomed Just thought I’d update you on the girls that we homed in January.

They have fitted in really well with us and are a big part of our family. Our son calls them his sisters! They are still both lovely natured with us, other people and dogs and very good in the house. The only problem we have with them is they eat everything they can find in the garden! Hopefully they will grow out of this. They are now both sporting shiny new sets of teeth.

Holly, the little one who was the runt, has now caught Ivy up and is actually now the heavier of the two. (10.5kg today!) She’s much more confident now and has recently started guarding and has a lovely deep bark on her and has got a lot hairier and chunkier. (We call them our bearded ladies!) Holly is very bright and loves going to dog training classes every week, we’re even thinking she might go on to dog agility as she’s very focused. Ivy has a bit more casual approach with training, but is as sweet as ever. They both love seeing the other dogs and having lots of fuss and they still love playing with each other.

They attract a lot of attention wherever they go and the consensus verdict on what they by the general public are seems to be “Borderjacks”!

They were both spayed last Monday and feeling very sorry for themselves in the evening, but woke up on Tuesday as if nothing had happened! They have just used the plastic collars as extra armaments to charge each other with “tazzing” round the garden!

They had our usual vet operate and their wound is so small I thought they’d had keyhole surgery! They had their stitches checked today and are due to have them out on Friday as all seems well.

We’re planning on taking them camping in May which should be fun.

Lola No:1

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lolastaffie3 Lola is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is about 2 years of age and came to the branch to find a new home from the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.  She is a typical staffie who loves people, but doesn’t really get on with other dogs.  As a result we are looking for a family where she will be an only dog and one with older or no children and who have a cat free home.

Her photos don’t do Lola justice as the sun was in her eyes at the time but she would love to meet a family who like staffies for their sunny natures and their wish to please their humans.

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Sparky – a long stay dog

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sparky-xbrd Sparky is a 3 year old crossbreed who has been looking for his new family since December.   We have been told he is a Weimaraner/German Shepherd/Collie.   Sparky is a lovely boy but because of his owners’ change in circumstances he has not been getting out like he should do so loves to see people.   He has lived with older children and is quite strong on the lead.  He is also good with larger dogs but can get a little distressed around smaller dogs.   Sparky would suit an active family who are looking for a larger four legged friend.   He is neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

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olliebc Ollie is a very handsome, 14 month old, Border Collie.  He has spent all his short life in a crate, in a rubbish strewn back yard, never being allowed in the house, and not walked or taken to visit new places or to meet new people.

Despite his very sad life to date, he has still kept his lovely nature, but does need training,  to learn to live in a family home and above all Ollie would like to learn how to play.

He is fine with the other dogs, just a bit giddy as everything is new and exciting.  We are sure Ollie will steal any Border Collie lover’s heart.

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leiagsdx4 Leia is a pretty German Shepherd cross  who has come to the branch to find a new home due to her previous owner’s ill-health.  She is approximately 2 years old and is a good all round girl, in fact she really is a princess.  Leia can’t wait to meet her forever family.

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Lexi – Reserved

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lexistaffie Lexi came to the branch from the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital to find a caring new home.  She  is a 3 year old crossbreed who has not had the best start in life, but despite this she is a beautiful natured dog who is housetrained and very gentle.  Lexi is about the size of a small labrador retriever.

She recently went with her foster family for lunch in Saddleworth and her behaviour was  impeccable,  sitting quietly by their outside table and waiting patiently until they had finished and could continue their walk.   Lexi just loves people, especially men and was very good with the children she met and gets on with her foster family’s two cats.   She is good with other dogs mainly ignoring them and even when confronted by a big, “gallumping“, over friendly, boxer she took him in her stride.

Altogether Lexi is a gorgeous dog, very affectionate and is just craving the stability of a forever home.  We are looking for a family without children or those over 8 years of age for Lexi simply due to her bad start in life.  We think that with the right family Lexi could easily qualify as a PAT dog as she would love the attention from everyone she visits.

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cole3 Cole is an older gentleman of approximately 9 years old.   He is a crossbreed so still has many years of love and companionship to give to his new family.   He has had a thorough health check and all seems well with him.   He is currently in a foster home and he happily walks for an hour every day with his fosterer’s own dogs.

Cole is good with other dogs and people and is a lovely dog just looking for his retirement home.

Big Bunny Survey – please help

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G6953 Britain's Big Bunny Study poster.indd A PhD student from the Moulton College in Northamptonshire has asked if RSPCA establishments and branches can promote their Britain’s Big Bunny Study.  It’s aiming to capture data from the public about the reason rabbits and other pets are given up. Below is a direct link to the survey

Hope you can help by spreading the word.

Larry in his new home

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larryrehomed Larry is a wonderful example of how even the most timid of cats who has been so cruelly treated or neglected can blossom in the care of a loving and gentle family.

Larry came into the branch as the most timid of cats and when he first went to live with his new family he hid in a wardrobe for over 3 weeks.  He was left to come round at his own pace and is now the most friendly and vocal little cat who just loves to sit on a knee and have lots of cuddles.


Our Monochrome cats

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magiccat3 Please remember our little black cats  -  if you are thinking of adopting a cat or kitten please don’t overlook our little black and white or all black girls and boys.  Of all the cat colours they are famous for being the most affectionate and loving.  See them here

Easter and Egg – Rehomed

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eastereggkittens Easter and Egg are fluffy kittens who are looking for a home together as they are devoted to each other.   They will be ready to go to live with their new family at the end of the month but can be reserved now.

At the moment they are quite shy as Fluffy their mum, will not let them out of her sight.  So they will need lots of attention and playing with.  Luckily they do enjoy rolling a ball round and chasing a feather on the wands you can buy.  They will need someone at home most of the time so that they don’t get into dangerous situations such as being stuck at the top of a curtain unable to get down without help, or getting shut into a cupboard etc.

If you can offer this pretty pair a loving new home please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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fluffykitty Fluffy is a very pretty, fluffy, female cat who came to the branch heavily, pregnant after being found wandering.  She has since had her litter of  2 kittens, following an emergency  cesarean for one of them who simply refused to come into the world.  Despite this trauma she has been a brilliant mum.  Fluffy is semi long-haired, so will need help with her grooming and as she really dislikes other cats since rearing her kittens we are looking for a family where she will be an only much loved little girl.

Her fosterer has said that if you want a kitty to cuddle then Fluffy is definitely the one to choose!  She will be ready to go to her new home at the end of April but can be reserved now.

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bertiecat Bertie is a true gentleman cat, with his shiny ebony coat and loving ways.  Sadly, Bertie was attacked by a dog before coming into RSPCA care and subsequently lost an eye.

He has come to us to find a new home from another branch of the RSPCA and is looking for a family who are prepared to overlook his piratical looks.  His dream is to find that special person to call his very own after being in care for over 12 months.

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mabelcat Mabel is a very pretty, Tortoiseshell kitty who has come to us in the hope of finding a new home from another branch of the RSPCA.  She has been in their cattery for over 12 months and would love a home in the North West.  She has heard how friendly Manchester people are and is hoping that she will soon get used to the accent and will find her forever family soon.

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Buzz Lightyear

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buzzcat Buzz Lightyear is an very lively, adult cat who loves buzzing around.  He has come to RSPCA Tameside and Glossop branch from another branch of the RSPCA as they have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of cats coming into their care at the moment even though the unwanted kitten season hasn’t even started yet!

Buzz is extremely friendly and would love a forever home of his own, after being in care for  over 12 months.

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blossomcat Blossom is a lovely adult, female Mackerel Tabby cat who has come to the branch from another branch of the RSPCA as they are unable to manage the overwhelming number of cats coming into care from their area.  Blossom has been in their cattery for 12 months and has been neutered, vaccinated, treated against fleas, wormed and blood tested as are all RSPCA cats.

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bennysbt3 Benny is a very handsome, 9 month old, blue and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier who came to the branch from the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.  His previous owners claimed that, because he had been run on with his litter mates and subsequently one or two had attacked him, this had resulted in his legs and body bearing some scars.  Benny likes people but can be a little nervous of men and some other dogs and will bark at them but is not aggressive in any way.

He needs an experienced bull breed owning family without or with older children, over 10 years of age and one where he will be an only dog.

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Buster – Reserved

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busterlurcher3 Buster, at only 11 months of age is looking for a new forever family.  He is a lovely Tan and White lurcher (Saluki x greyhound x … you guess!).  Buster came to the branch due to a family breakup and with no one to care for him during the day neighbours were complaining that he was crying simply because he was missing everyone too much.   As a result we are looking for a family home for Buster where he won’t be left for too long on a regular basis.

Buster was brought up with a 3 year old child in his family so is used to small children but we are looking for those over 5 as they do need to be used to large bouncy dogs.

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Flo (aka Rose) and Sox in their new home

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flo sox

Flo and Sox’s adopters recently sent photos of them in their new home. Their family say they have settled in really well.