Animal Fosterers Urgently Needed

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The branch urgently needs a local person/people who are able to foster kittens or puppies in their homes, often at short notice. We also need fosterers able to take in adult dogs who aren’t coping well in kennels.

More often than not, the temporary home is needed for a single puppy or kitten who is far too young to stay in kennels while he/she awaits a new home. Sometimes a young animal might be recovering from an illness so will need special round the clock care. From time to time we may even have a litter of puppies or kittens to find foster care for.

If we don’t have foster spaces we are unable to take in really young animals in need because they cannot go into boarding, so we are appealing for local people who have the space and availability to volunteer for this important role.

As an emergency fosterer you may be called upon to offer space in your home at short notice, you will be given as much information about your temporary guest as possible and full support is provided. Your own transport is not necessary as other volunteers will be able to transport the fostered animal to vet appointments and meetings with potential adopters. All you need is the space, patience, time and of course the ability to provide love and care to a young animal or adult who really needs it.

Even if you can only foster a single puppy, kitten, adult dog or cat and you would like to help and want to know more please get in touch as a matter of urgency.

See more animal welfare volunteering opportunities.

We need your help – our funds are running low

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We always need help to raise funds.  As is the case with many small charities many of our fund raising events are organised and staffed by only a few of our members and we are desperately in need of more people who can spare 2 hours holding a can or selling logoed goods at our instore collections.

Your help at these events will mean that we can continue to ensure our dogs and cats are well-cared for whilst they are waiting for their forever new families.  Even if you cannot make the dates, or are unable to stand for long periods of time, but would like to personally help the animals in our care with a donation,  just click on the MyDonate link on the right to make a secure online donation by card or, if you have a mobile phone, you can now donate by text.  Alternatively, you can donate by cheque, made out to RSPCA Tameside and Glossop branch,  and sent to the branch c/o Volunteer Centre Tameside, 95/97 Penny Meadow, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6EP, where the kind people there, will ensure that your letter and donation reach the branch safely.

Please visit our Diary dates page for a schedule of these and further fundraising events.

Donate much needed food and equipment

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If you would prefer to donate food and other much needed items directly to the branch rather than cash donation, we are in need of the following:

  • Cat litter
  • Kitten food
  • Dog coats
  • Dog leads
  • Toys and various other comforts

Your gifts will benefit RSPCA animals who have suffered at the hands of their previous owners and are being rehabilitated by our volunteer dog walkers and cat socialisers.

Food, beds and cat litter etc will help to feed and provide warmth and comfort to those who are too young or sick to be rehomed from the cattery or kennels and are being cared for by fosterers in their own homes.

Our Amazon Wish List

We have an Amazon wish list containing all the items we (ideally) need which can be viewed here: – Wish List.

All you need to do is click ‘add to basket’ next to the item you would like to buy for us and then checkout in the usual way. All items will be delivered directly to us.

If you can’t donate, please share using the buttons below. Thank you :)

Arnie – Rehomed

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arnie6 Arnie has been with the branch since March this year and we’re all getting a little worried (including Arnie) that no-one will offer him a new home.     He came to us when he was 11 months old and is a Shar Pei cross, who was originally purchased as a pure bred Shar Pei from a local, well known puppy farm outlet.   He is quite a shy boy who, typical of his breed, can be a little aloof when he first meets new people and as a result whoever adopts him will need to be patient and allow him time to settle in with his new family and home.

Whilst he was growing up he missed out on meeting people and visiting new places and now needs to start to learn that there is a whole wide world out there  with exciting new places to investigate and enjoy.  His confidence has greatly improved whilst he’s been in our care.

For more photos and a short video continue

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Tiny – Rehomed

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tinysbthd Tiny is approximately 7 years old and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Tiny was rehomed some time ago but came back to the branch as his previous adopters hadn’t really got the time anymore to give him the attention and exercise which this active little staffy needs.

His dog walkers say: “Tiny should really be called ‘Sunny’ due to his lovely nature. He was brought up with a young child and loves children and adults alike.  He OK with other dogs with careful introductions.  Tiny is quite happy to walk alongside his walkers and ignore dogs he passes, because he is so pleased to be out and about and enjoying life.  All in all Tiny is a great ambassador for his breed and would make an ideal family pet, as he is a very loving dog.”

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Jaeger – GSD

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jaeger Jaeger is a 7 year old German Shepherd Dog who has come to the branch to find a new home due to the sudden and unexpected death of his owner.   He has a blonde, plush coat which will need daily brushing as GSDs seem to moult all year round.  Regular brushing will help to remove dead fur and minimize shedding hairs around the home. Additionally, frequent brushing will prevent matting and keep his skin healthy by removing dead skin cells.

Jaeger will be a loyal and loving companion, but because of his size we are looking for an adult only home or a family with older teenagers.  Ideally Jaeger would like to live with a family who have had German Shepherds before and understand his breed.  He originally lived with two Greyhounds which have gone to a specialist Greyhound rescue to find new homes so  could possibly live with a calm, neutered female.

If you would like to meet him please bring all your family along including your other dog (if you have one).

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Tintin Tintin is a Maine Coon cross who is about 2 years old.  He has come back to the branch as his previous adopters had to move into a residential care home.

Tintin is mega friendly, he just loves adults, children, other cats and even dogs.  He will need a home where he can go outside as he is desperate to be outdoors so once he has settled in we are looking for a home where there are no busy roads and fields for him to play in.

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francescapom3 Francesca is a tiny 9 month old Pomeranian girl who was in a collision with a car.  She came to branch from the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital where she had a big operation for such a little girl.  She is now on the mend and having 6 weeks’ cage rest at her foster family home, to ensure that she will be able to run around and live life to the full again.

She can be reserved now and once your pre adoption home visit has been approved she will make a lovely addition to any family.  We are looking for a home without children or one with older teenagers and where there is someone at home most of the time.

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Lexi – a lovely, older Mastiff x

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Lexi 7 Lexi, a brown merle, mastiff cross who is 8 years of age has come to the branch to find a retirement home.  She was surrendered by her previous owner to one of our inspectors and is a lovely example of her type.  She loves people and doesn’t mind other dogs she meets but would be best as an only, much loved dog in her new home. Lexi is looking for a family with large dog experience.

If you are interested in meeting Lexi, please contact the branch for details of our fees and terms when adopting an older girl or boy.

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Max – Mastiff x

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clarence4 Max is 6 years old.  Max is sometimes cross eyed but it does not stop him from doing anything.   This young man has always lived as an outside dog which is not what we are looking for him now, but we have to admit that he loves to sit in the sun, we cannot wait to see this wonderful young man happily sunbathing in his forever home.   We have found him to be perfectly clean in his kennel and we think that it is now time he found a lovely fire to curl up in front of.   He does not react to other dogs when they bark at him, and he is quite happy to walk side by side with other dogs. He just loves being with people.   Max will make a very loving family member.

Published March 17th

Misty (AKA Missy) – Reserved

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mistybctrainingclass4 Misty is a young female collie.   She is a typical Collie who will need to go for nice long walks.   We also think she will be a good fly ball or agility dog.   We are looking for home where Misty will be an only dog as although she is ok with dogs outside the home she just doesn’t get on with one in a house or confined space due to her previous experiences. We are also looking for an adult only family or one with children over 12 years of age as she can be a little timid, and a family who have experience of collies and understand their need to keep their minds active along with regular exercise.

Here are her very own videos

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lucyjrt5 Lucy is about 4 years old  and is a Jack Russell cross.   This young lady came into our care from another rescue.   She is currently in a foster home, but her new home will need someone who knows the Jack Russell temperament, as she sometimes likes her own way.   We would not rehome Lucy with small children due to her temperament. Lucy has been looking for her new family since February 2015.

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pepperxbrd8 Pepper is a 6 year old female crossbreed.   This lovely young lady enjoys her walks and being with people, but is also very good with other dogs.  But unfortunately she does not seem to like cats.

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sammywilmslow2 Sammy is a 6 year old female crossbreed and has been looking for her new family since Christmas 2014.   This lovely girl loves to be with people, and is good with other dogs.   She is a very happy dog who is always wagging her tail and just loves her belly tickling when saying hello.

For more information please ring 01625 520693

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River & Max kitties – ready to go their separate ways

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rivercat maxcat

River and Max are both female kitties who are now ready to go their separate ways.  Both are Domestic Short Haired (DSH). River, who is 1 year old, is the white and tortie, whilst Max has a lovely black and white coat.

Their original owners could no longer keep them and have asked us to find a new home.  They have always lived indoors so would also be looking for families who are looking for house cats.  They have received “the vac4life” so their adopters will not have to pay for annual boosters or health checks.

River and Max are a bit nervous when they first meet you but are extremely friendly once they come round.  They have not lived with dogs or children so will need a slow introduction if their new families have children or dogs.

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Fidget and Midget

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midgetcat fidgetcat

Fidget and Midget are lovely, little boys of about 12 months of age and are full of mischief and very friendly so will make brilliant companions for their new family .  Unfortunately, their previous owner could no longer keep them in rented accommodation.

The boys were originally adopted from another rescue but had not been neutered, vaccinated or microchipped prior to adoption.  They have now been neutered and chipped, have started their vaccination programme.  Please make sure when adopting a cat from any rescue that they have been microchipped either by the rescue or as soon as possible by your own vet as cats will be very unlikely to be returned to you if they escape in the first few weeks of moving to a new home.



Walter and India – Rehomed

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walterandindiacats Walter and India are lovely, playful, kitten-like cats who love to play with string or cat toys. They are great around children and love attention and curling up on laps. They like to go outside although they are equally happy trying to sneak into bedrooms and sleep on the bed. Walter and India have lived with a dog.

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Nutmeg one of the eleven pups

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nutmegsuccessstory Nutmeg is one of Molly’s eleven puppies.   Nutmeg’s new family are very pleased with her she is growing into a lovely dog and always happy to play.

Meg – Reserved

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megjrtwilmslow Meg is a Jack Russell of approximately 3 years of age.   Meg has come into our care due to her owners change of circumstances.   She is a very loving dog and loves to have company.   Meg is house trained and is good on her lead, but does enjoy a nice long walk.

For further information please ring 01625 520693

Charlie – Reserved

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charlie4scruffy Charlie is approximately 10 years old.   This gentleman is a very lively ten year old, he can walk just as far as any of our other dogs with no effort.   He walks well on his lead and is also very good in a car.   He is house trained and loves the company of people, but because of his age we would not rehome him with young children

Lost – Maine Coon

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Lost Blue Tabby and White Maine Coon in the Broadbottom area of Tameside.   Last seen Tuesday 24th March 2015.  He is chipped and weighs 18 lbs so as you can guess an unusually large kitty. He has a fluffy coat and Lynx like ear tufts. Please contact the branch if you have any information.

Jeff – one of the 11 update

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jeffoneofthe112 Jeff’s family emailed some photos of their little boy.  Here’s what they said:

Just wanted to show you how Jeff is doing! He has settled in really well. He’s growing so quickly and we’ve been on a few walks now, he’s a little shy around strangers but very cheeky at home!

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Lulu – Rehomed

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luluyorkie1 Lulu is approx 1 year old she has come into our care from the Animal Hospital.   She is a very loving young lady but seems to have so far not experienced much of life so is a little timid.

Alfie – one of the 11 update

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alfiepupof11-rehomed Alfie sent us an email with the help of his human kennel mates:

Hi, my name is Alf (Animal Life Form as the older pup calls me), or Alfie.

Met my new pack last week, which was great fun. When we got to the new kennel the two older pups took me into the garden, wow, what a lot of sniffs in there.

That night I was going to sleep in a basket next to the older pups bed, the Kennel was a bit hot though and it was cooler in the bathroom on the tiles, luckily someone found a great smelling jumper for me to lie on.

Next morning we went back out to the sniff space, much, much to my relief. Then the older pups went off to school, which gave me time to rest a little.  Gosh, they have some energy.

The sniff space is a great place, although it was a bit of a shock to find the drinking bowl was deep enough to swim in, one relief was they aren’t any piranhas and it’s easy to get out of (which was good because one of the big ones was too busy laughing to help get me out).

Just one thing left to do and that is talk to the big ones about puppy food, it’s embarrassing having to pretend to go to sleep to pass that type of flatulence.

Things are great, but what is good? I’ve a lifetime to train them.

Love Alfie.

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Madison one of the 11 update

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madisonrehomed2 Madison’s family recently sent us some news and lovely photos of their little girl and her doggy cousin Ruby:

A big thank you to Gail, Paul and all the wonderful volunteers you do a fabulous job! As you can see my baby Madison has made herself at home from day one! Everyone that meets her loves her. She has a special best friend in Ruby my brother’s RSPCA big puppy, they love to play and have sleepovers.

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