Animal Fosterers Urgently Needed

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The branch urgently needs a local person/people who are able to foster kittens or puppies in their homes, often at short notice. We also need fosterers able to take in adult dogs who aren’t coping well in kennels.

More often than not, the temporary home is needed for a single puppy or kitten who is far too young to stay in kennels while he/she awaits a new home. Sometimes a young animal might be recovering from an illness so will need special round the clock care. From time to time we may even have a litter of puppies or kittens to find foster care for.

If we don’t have foster spaces we are unable to take in really young animals in need because they cannot go into boarding, so we are appealing for local people who have the space and availability to volunteer for this important role.

As an emergency fosterer you may be called upon to offer space in your home at short notice, you will be given as much information about your temporary guest as possible and full support is provided. Your own transport is not necessary as other volunteers will be able to transport the fostered animal to vet appointments and meetings with potential adopters. All you need is the space, patience, time and of course the ability to provide love and care to a young animal or adult who really needs it.

Even if you can only foster a single puppy, kitten, adult dog or cat and you would like to help and want to know more please get in touch as a matter of urgency.

See more animal welfare volunteering opportunities.

We need your help – our funds are running low

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We always need help to raise funds.  As is the case with many small charities many of our fund raising events are organised and staffed by only a few of our members and we are desperately in need of more people who can spare 2 hours holding a can or selling logoed goods at our instore collections.

Your help at these events will mean that we can continue to ensure our dogs and cats are well-cared for whilst they are waiting for their forever new families.  Even if you cannot make the dates, or are unable to stand for long periods of time, but would like to personally help the animals in our care with a donation,  just click on the MyDonate link on the right to make a secure online donation by card or, if you have a mobile phone, you can now donate by text.  Alternatively, you can donate by cheque, made out to RSPCA Tameside and Glossop branch,  and sent to the branch c/o Volunteer Centre Tameside, 95/97 Penny Meadow, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6EP, where the kind people there, will ensure that your letter and donation reach the branch safely.

Please visit our Diary dates page for a schedule of these and further fundraising events.

Donate much needed food and equipment

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As the branch often fosters puppies, kittens and cats and dog with extra TLC needs we gratefully accept donated food and other much needed items directly to the branch.  This is a great alternative to cash donations for those who prefer to give to the branch in this way.  We are in need of the following:

  • Cat litter
  • Kitten and adult cat food
  • Puppy and adult dog food
  • Dog coats
  • Dog leads
  • Toys and various other comforts

Your gifts will benefit RSPCA animals who have suffered at the hands of their previous owners and are being rehabilitated by our volunteer dog walkers and cat socialisers.

Food, beds and cat litter etc will help to feed and provide warmth and comfort to those who are too young or sick to be rehomed from the cattery or kennels and are being cared for by fosterers in their own homes.

Our Amazon Wish List

We have an Amazon wish list containing all the items we (ideally) need which can be viewed here: – Wish List.

All you need to do is click ‘add to basket’ next to the item you would like to buy for us and then checkout in the usual way. All items will be delivered directly to us.

If you can’t donate, please share using the buttons below. Thank you :)

Arnie – Rehomed

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arnie6 Arnie has been with the branch since March this year and we’re all getting a little worried (including Arnie) that no-one will offer him a new home.     He came to us when he was 11 months old and is a Shar Pei cross, who was originally purchased as a pure bred Shar Pei from a local, well known puppy farm outlet.   He is quite a shy boy who, typical of his breed, can be a little aloof when he first meets new people and as a result whoever adopts him will need to be patient and allow him time to settle in with his new family and home.

Whilst he was growing up he missed out on meeting people and visiting new places and now needs to start to learn that there is a whole wide world out there  with exciting new places to investigate and enjoy.  His confidence has greatly improved whilst he’s been in our care.

For more photos and a short video continue

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Tiny – Rehomed

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tinysbthd Tiny is approximately 7 years old and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Tiny was rehomed some time ago but came back to the branch as his previous adopters hadn’t really got the time anymore to give him the attention and exercise which this active little staffy needs.

His dog walkers say: “Tiny should really be called ‘Sunny’ due to his lovely nature. He was brought up with a young child and loves children and adults alike.  He OK with other dogs with careful introductions.  Tiny is quite happy to walk alongside his walkers and ignore dogs he passes, because he is so pleased to be out and about and enjoying life.  All in all Tiny is a great ambassador for his breed and would make an ideal family pet, as he is a very loving dog.”

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chloe Chloe is a 2 year old little cat who is looking for an outdoor home in a barn or around your stables.  She will make sure that the mice won’t be eating their fill in your feedstore and will enjoy living free once she’s served her compulsory 4 – 6 week sentence.

Chloe originally came into branch care from a local vet where she had been rescued by one of their clients along with her kittens.  At first, probably because she was nursing her little ones she appeared quite friendly but once she had weaned them she began to show her more feral nature.  She has now spent several months hiding under her foster carer’s sofa, only coming out to play and eat during the night.

Little Chloe has been neutered but had to be trapped (see her photo) to get her to the vet to be neutered.   She is now back under the sofa and longing to spend time outdoors.

If you would like to adopt Chloe and are prepared to keep feeding her and making sure she is safe we’d love to hear from you.  Please email or leave a message on our answerphone and we’ll get back to you with more details about our feral adoption scheme.


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nigelchow1 Nigel is a 2 year old Chihuahua and has come into our care through no fault of his own.  He is very affectionate.  Would suit someone who enjoys to walk, and has plenty of time to spend with him,  we think he would really enjoy the company of another dog as he has come from a home where there were other Chihuahua

For further enquiries and viewing please ring 07811 404346




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bty Frankie is a 1 year old large Crossbreed.  He is full of energy, and just wants to say hello to everything.  He needs someone who is used to large breed dogs as he is a strong boy and desperately needs some training


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bty Teddy is a 3 year old Pomeranian.  He has come into our care due to his owners’ change in circumstances.  Teddy is a looking for an active home where he can go for long walks,  but then come home for a cuddle.

For further enquiries and viewing please ring 07811 404346

Oscar (husky)

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dav Oscar is approx  8 years old.  This older gentleman is currently in a foster home where his fosterers are delighted with him.   Now he is older he enjoys doing things a bit slower than he used to, but don’t get me wrong he is still enjoying doing those things like going for a dip in the lake.

Yoda – a kitten lost in Birch Vale

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Yoda, the black kitten, disappeared from her home at Thornsett Fields Farm, Birch Vale on 30th June, 2018.  If you spot a little black cat in the area please, if possible, take her to your nearest vet to be scanned as little Yoda is microchipped.  You will not be charged for this service.

Lost cat in Droylsden

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lost-cat-droylsden-2 This little 15 month old cat has gone missing from his Droylsden address.  He is neutered and is marked with stripes and spots and microchipped.  His family is desperate to find him as he has been missing 11th July 2018 .  He doesn’t know the area well as this was only the second time he has ventured outdoors.

Please help his family to find him by checking your outbuildings and under bushes in your gardens.

If you find him or have any news please ring his worried family on 07494513755.

Kaden – Urgent Plea

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kaden7 We are making an urgent plea for a foster placement or forever home for Kaden.  He is a 3 year old lurcher who is finding life in kennels unbearable.  As a result he is becoming more and more unhappy and scared the longer he’s behind bars.  His carers are lovely but they can’t be there for this lovely boy all the time so we would love to hear from a family willing to take him as a fostered dog for while until he finds a forever new home.  Ideally his foster family would be around most of the time and perhaps have another medium to large dog who will befriend him.   An adult only home or one with children over 10 and where there are no cats or other small furries is needed.

Poor Kaden came into our care in April this year.  He was extremely thin at the beginning of his stay with us as can be seen from his photos.  He has now put on weight and is looking very handsome.

“The House Lurcher” is a book we can recommend for those who are interested in adopting a lurcher, perhaps for the first time.

First posted on 1.4.18

Pepper – Reserved

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pepperoldham7 Pepper is a 6 year old Mastiff cross who, came to us due to her owner’s change of circumstances.  She has been in branch care for quite a while now but here she is enjoying her head being tickled.

She is very loving when she gets to know you she just needs a few minutes when she meets someone new.

Pepper is turning into a beautiful young lady who is learning to ignore other dogs and her favourite thing is splashing in the water, it is lovely to watch her enjoying herself. She would benefit from an owner who knows Mastiff types and a home with no small children as she does get rather giddy sometimes


First posted: 24.4.2018



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nancy-hd2 Nancy is a 5 year old Lurcher who has come into our care through no fault of her own.   She has had several litters previously and is now ready to become a much loved family dog.   She will need time and patience as she is still very submissive and hand shy but she is improving as time goes by.

Nancy is currently in foster care where she is learning to live in a house and her fosterer says that she has discovered that sofa lounging is the best thing ever.    She is a bit of an escape artist so a well fenced garden is needed, although this needn’t be all around a very large garden, just the area near your kitchen door so that she can be let out without worries.

She is good with people but is still quite shy and submissive when approaching new humans.   So, a family with children over 11 is preferred and one with a friendly established dog if possible.

Nancy is good with other dogs but it’s important to be aware that in her previous life she was encouraged to chase so is not cat safe.   A home which is cat and small furry free is essential.

First posted 26.6.18


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lucywilmslow Lucy is a 1 year old Staffordshire bull terrier crossed with a Collie.  This young lady came in with her sister Skylar.  They are both such good dogs, they love people and have been good with other dogs they have met


For further enquiries and viewing please ring 07811 404346

First posted: 10.6.18


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skylar Skylar is a 1 year old Staffordshire bull terrier crossed with a Collie.  This young lady came in with her sister Lucy.  They are both such good dogs, they love people and have been good with other dogs they have met

For further enquiries and viewing please ring 07811 404346

First posted 1.7.18


Marley – Reserved

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bty Marley is a 7 year old large Crossbeed.  He has come into our care due to his owners ill health.  He is house trained loves his cuddles and is good with other dogs.  And as you can see from his picture he has a very cute face

First posted 26.6.18

Oscar (chi x)

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oscarwilmslow Oscar is 9 years old and he is a Chuahua cross Terrier.  He like to have one to one with people, and he can be choosy when being with doggy friends

For further enquiries and viewing please ring 07811 404346

First posted 9.6.18



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raystaffy2 We have let Ray’s current owner tell you all about him and why he is looking for a new home.

Ray is around 4-5 years old and is probably a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. He weights around 19.5Kg and is an active healthy dog who is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date with vaccinations. He enjoys the company of other dogs, chasing balls and long walks.  He is loving and positively enjoys being with humans. He is also good with children of all ages and would make a good family pet. Ray can suffer from separation anxiety but with the right environment and some work he is capable of spending periods alone. He is available for rehoming following the death of his main owner.  

In September 2015 my wife and I came across Ray at the Cheshire Dogs Home and we decided to offer him a home. At that time my wife was looking for a replacement for our previous dog who had died at the age of 14+ in 2012. She also suffered from some serious back problems which meant that she wanted to have a good reason to get up and about and Ray certainly provided that. Unfortunately in early 2016 she was diagnosed with bladder cancer and she died in March this year, since the death of my wife Ray has suffered with separation anxiety so he is now desperate to enjoy that commitment he once had with someone new”.

Thomas – Reserved

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thomasej7 Thomas is approximately 6 years old and was originally from another rescue where he was found feral and in an emaciated state.

This is what his owner has to say about him. “He was in their kennels down south for a long time with no interest in him, so it was suggested that he be moved up to Manchester. That was where I found him. When he came here he was very scared but first night followed me into the bedroom an never looked back. He gradually got used to people. Now he loves everybody . The other rescue thought he had been homeless for two or thee years. Thomas is a lovely, gentle dog, very obedient, very clean. He eats dried food, grazing a bit at a time. When I’m out, he sleeps in a cage which is kept open during the day and which he goes in and out of. It will break my heart to lose him, but I have no alternative. Whoever he goes to will be lucky to get him.”

Unfortunately his owner can no longer keep him as he has to go into sheltered accommodation.  Thomas does bark a lot when he sees another dog.

First posted 6.6.18

Jasper – Reserved

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jasper-jrt-2 Jasper, a slightly older gentleman of 13, seeks soft comfy sofa to enjoy retirement on and human slaves to wait on him hand and foot while he watches daytime television.

Humans must be able to endure loud snoring and grumpy behaviour.  Due to lack of teeth (only 3 remaining) the human must be willing to provide soft food, ideal hand delivered.

In exchange for these services you will will be repaid with excellent house manners, impeccable lead behaviour and the odd grunt of thanks.

Please contact the branch for our elderly pet adoption scheme’s terms and conditions.

Glossop Carnival Fun Dog Show – Winners

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best-in-show-class Please see photos of the winners of each class attending the Best in Show competition.

Thank you to everyone who braved the hot weather with their lovely dogs we raised £176 on the day and every penny will go towards caring for the dogs in our care who are waiting for loving homes.

Teddy – Reserved

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teddylurcher1 Teddy is an 18 month old rough coated lurcher.  He has come into our care due to no fault of his own. Teddy has kind eyes and a beautiful nature, he loves to follow you around and will come when called and even puts his head into his collar to be put on.

He needs a family who love to walk, who have someone at home most of the time, perhaps have another friendly dog already and have children over 8 as he is quite a bouncy boy. But, they mustn’t have cats or other small furries due to Teddy’s background when he was encouraged to chase them.

First posted 26.6.18

Khaleesi – Reserved

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khaleesi-3 Khaleesi, is a 20 month old Alaskan Malamute cross, as beautiful as her “Game of Thrones” namesake, who came to the branch heavily pregnant.  She gave birth later that evening to 4 beautiful puppies who have all gone to their new homes now and so Khaleesi is looking for a forever family of her own.

She came from the same unsuitable home with the other mums and we think that this  may have been a first time litter.  Luckily for Khaleesi she and her puppies received all the care they needed from day one.

We are looking for home, with no cats or other small furries, where she will be the only much loved companion and where there is someone at home most of the time.  She is the most needy of the adults as she hasn’t experienced a loving home in her short life.

An adult only family is needed for Khaleesi, or one with children over 10 years of age, simply due to her size, as she could easily knock or pull a smaller child over is essential as is one with experience of her breed or other large independent dogs.


Please read up about the breed’s needs and care before contacting the branch to express your interest in meeting her.

First posted 23.6.18