Adult Dog or Puppy Fosterers Urgently Needed

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The branch urgently needs a local person/people who are able to foster puppies in their homes, often at short notice. We also need fosterers able to take in adult dogs who aren’t coping well in kennels.

More often than not, the temporary home is needed for a single puppy who is far too young to stay in kennels while he/she awaits a new home. Sometimes a puppy might be recovering from an illness so will need special round the clock care. From time to time we may even have a litter of puppies to find foster care for.

If we don’t have foster spaces we are unable to take in really young puppies in need because they cannot go into kennels, so we are appealing for local people who have the space and availability to volunteer for this important role.

As an emergency fosterer you may be called upon to offer space in your home at short notice, you will be given as much information about your temporary guest as possible and full support is provided. Your own transport is not necessary as other volunteers will be able to transport the puppy or adult dog to vet appointments and meetings with potential adopters. All you need is the space, patience, time and of course the ability to provide love and care to a young animal or adult who really needs it.

Even if you can only foster a single puppy or adult dog, if you would like to help and want to know more please get in touch as a matter of urgency.

See more animal welfare volunteering opportunities.

We need your help – our funds are running low

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We always need help to raise funds.  As is the case with many small charities many of our fund raising events are organised and staffed by only a few of our members and we are desperately in need of more people who can spare 2 hours holding a can or selling logoed goods at our instore collections.

Your help at these events will mean that we can continue to ensure our dogs and cats are well-cared for whilst they are waiting for their forever new families.  Even if you cannot make the dates, or are unable to stand for long periods of time, but would like to personally help the animals in our care with a donation,  just click on the MyDonate link on the right to make a secure online donation by card or, if you have a mobile phone, you can now donate by text.  Alternatively, you can donate by cheque, made out to RSPCA Tameside and Glossop branch,  and sent to the branch c/o Volunteer Centre Tameside, 95/97 Penny Meadow, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6EP, where the kind people there, will ensure that your letter and donation reach the branch safely.

Please visit our Diary dates page for a schedule of these and further fundraising events.

Donate much needed food and equipment

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If you would prefer to donate food and other much needed items directly to the branch rather than cash donation, we are in need of the following:

  • Cat litter
  • Kitten food
  • Dog coats
  • Dog leads
  • Toys and various other comforts

Your gifts will benefit RSPCA animals who have suffered at the hands of their previous owners and are being rehabilitated by our volunteer dog walkers and cat socialisers.

Food, beds and cat litter etc will help to feed and provide warmth and comfort to those who are too young or sick to be rehomed from the cattery or kennels and are being cared for by fosterers in their own homes.

Our Amazon Wish List

We have an Amazon wish list containing all the items we (ideally) need which can be viewed here: – Wish List.

All you need to do is click ‘add to basket’ next to the item you would like to buy for us and then checkout in the usual way. All items will be delivered directly to us.

If you can’t donate, please share using the buttons below. Thank you :)

Arnie – Rehomed

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arnie6 Arnie has been with the branch since March this year and we’re all getting a little worried (including Arnie) that no-one will offer him a new home.     He came to us when he was 11 months old and is a Shar Pei cross, who was originally purchased as a pure bred Shar Pei from a local, well known puppy farm outlet.   He is quite a shy boy who, typical of his breed, can be a little aloof when he first meets new people and as a result whoever adopts him will need to be patient and allow him time to settle in with his new family and home.

Whilst he was growing up he missed out on meeting people and visiting new places and now needs to start to learn that there is a whole wide world out there  with exciting new places to investigate and enjoy.  His confidence has greatly improved whilst he’s been in our care.

For more photos and a short video continue

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Tiny – Rehomed

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tinysbthd Tiny is approximately 7 years old and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Tiny was rehomed some time ago but came back to the branch as his previous adopters hadn’t really got the time anymore to give him the attention and exercise which this active little staffy needs.

His dog walkers say: “Tiny should really be called ‘Sunny’ due to his lovely nature. He was brought up with a young child and loves children and adults alike.  He OK with other dogs with careful introductions.  Tiny is quite happy to walk alongside his walkers and ignore dogs he passes, because he is so pleased to be out and about and enjoying life.  All in all Tiny is a great ambassador for his breed and would make an ideal family pet, as he is a very loving dog.”

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George enjoying life

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georgestaffrehomed We adopted him 2 years ago today. He is such a happy dog now and so much more confident than he used to be. He gets on well with other dogs and loves his sister Ruby, they really are inseparable.  They go to daycare on Mondays and spend the day running around the woods with a variety of other doggie friends.

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SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES  Bruno is a 10 year old Black Lab who through no fault of his own is looking for a new home due to his family’s change in circumstances.  He has lived with a  2 year old child so is fine with children but would probably be better as an only dog or with another female, as in the fosterer’s home he is trying to be the dominant male with the fosterer’s own male Lab but is fine with her females.  Although 10 he is healthy and loves going for walks with the fosterers much younger dogs.

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Cat Fostering Support Officer

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small-insp-and-kitten The branch is looking for a Cat fostering Support Officer who will help to recruit volunteer cat and kitten fosterers and support them in their role.    As a support officer you will be expected to visit each fosterer who has cat(s) and/or kitten(s) in their care on a weekly basis and distribute food and supplies and check on the health of the animals.

Full training will be given by vets at the RSPCA’s Animal Hospital.

Please note that this is not a paid position and could be undertaken by someone in full or part time work, not employed or retired as long as you are able to accept emergency texts or phone calls from fosterers during working hours.  You will not be asked to foster cats/kittens for the branch yourself. Mileage and other out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.

Download our information leaflet

and if you are interested in applying why not download our application form?

Blossom – long stay kitty

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blossomcat Blossom is a lovely adult, female Mackerel Tabby cat who has been looking for a family of her own since 2013 in the two branches who have cared for her.  She originally came to the branch from another branch of the RSPCA as they are unable to manage the overwhelming number of cats coming into care from their area.  She is friendly but will need time to settle in her new home.

Poor Blossom is really depressed in the cattery as so many other cats who have shared the pens each side of her have found loving homes and despite being such a loving little girl no one has chosen her.

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colin-greyhd1 Colin is a very smart, small, black greyhound with a white shirt front.  He is 5 years of age and a discarded victim of the racing and betting industry.  Colin walks well on the lead and will be fine with other dogs once he has met a few who are a bit smaller and fluffier than he is used to.

Colin did find a new family but has been returned due to not liking to be left alone, so we are seeking a home where he will not be left alone at first and/or one with another female dog who will keep him company.

Just like most greyhounds who have spent their lives in a trainer’s kennels Colin will need to find a family who will understand that he will need a bit of patience to become accustomed to the sights and sounds of daily family life, such as a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine and of course the stairs!


If you would like to meet Colin please don’t hesitate to phone or email the branch, leaving a contact phone number on our answerphone so that our dog rehoming people can ring you to arrange a convenient time for you and your family to meet him.

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rosiespanish1 Rosie seems to have a great deal of Podenco Canario (Canary Islands Hound, Canarian Warren Hound) in her make up.   She is approximately 4 years old, is good with other dogs and loves to be around people.   She is currently in a foster home and is enjoying the company.


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mikey1jrt Mikey is a Parsons Russell he is approx 2 years old.   He gets on well with other dogs and loves people.   He is a lovely boy who would suit an active family.


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megcat9 Meg was abandoned at only one year of age by her previous owners and saved by one of our Inspectors from a life on the streets.  She is a very friendly little girl despite her previous neglect.  Meg is a black cat who will bring any family she joins a little luck and is hoping that this Halloween she will be snuggling by a warm fire and has a family who love her.

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pippacat2 Pippa is a very pretty 2 year old cat who is a a classical tabby and white.  She has come to the branch to find a new home as she was abandoned by her previous family and rescued by an RSPCA inspector.  She will make a lovely addition to any family who are looking for a kitty to call their own.

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tomcat5 Tom is a lovely, friendly 4 year old boy who was abandoned by his previous owners, and was rescued by one of our inspectors.  He has now come to the branch to find a new home.

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twinklecat2 Twinkle, who is a mackerel and white tabby, was abandoned at only one year of age by her previous owners and saved with her sister Meg by one of our Inspectors.  She is a very friendly little girl despite her previous neglect.  Twinkle is looking forward to meeting a new family who will take her home and give her a forever home.

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Our Monochrome cats

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magiccat3 Please remember our little black cats  -  if you are thinking of adopting a cat or kitten please don’t overlook our little black and white or all black girls and boys.  Of all the cat colours they are famous for being the most affectionate and loving.  See them here


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mummy-kat Mummy-Kat, who is only about 14 months of age now, came into branch care with her two kittens who she has successfully reared.  Mummy-Kat is now hoping to find her very own family who will offer her a forever home.  She is a very loving little cat and will bring lots of joy to any family.

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cindercat Cinder is mum to 5 part-feral kittens who were living in a pub wall.  Poor Cinder has been searching for a new family to call her own since July and is really hoping that she will have a lovely warm and cosy home in time for Christmas.  She is so friendly and very pleased to be kitten free as they have all now been weaned.  She was seen by our vet and he thinks that at some point in her past she has been in a road traffic accident as she has some muscle wastage.  Cinder has been given the all clear and she has been promised a new home very soon.


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Domino – long stay cat

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dominocat3 Domino is approximately 2 years old and came to the branch pregnant as she had been abandoned by her previous owners when they moved house.  Domino’s kittens have now been weened, rehomed or reserved, and she is now looking for a kind family of her own as her maternal duties have come to an end.

Domino is black and white even though you can’t see the white in her photo and she is a really friendly little cat but can be very nervous until she knows new people.  We are looking for a quiet cat-free home for her, as she has been found to be really scared of other cats.

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Callie (aka Tudsey) – now found and reunited

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tortiecatmossley5 Callie, was lost during the week commencing 5th October 2014 and has now been found.  

Happy and Lucky

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happyandluckykittens2 Happy is a very handsome little black and white boy who is, just like his name,  a very happy little boy who loves to play with his sister Lucky who is a pretty, white and tabby kitten.   They are very much hoping that a nice family will offer them a home together.

They have been in foster care and are now ready to find their forever family, where they will be guaranteed to bring lots of fun and happiness.

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Roy – foster placement found

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roy-foster-dog Roy who has been living with a foster family for about 5 years is now in urgent need of a new foster home due to the serious illness of his main carer.  He is a lovely old boy who gets on well with everyone he meets and due to his heart condition and old age we really need to find a family who will care for him for a short time as his original foster parent has said that they may be able to take him back once this emergency is over.

Roy has tablets for his heart and is generally still quite fit and happy to go short walks and just generally laze about in his family home.  All equipment, medication and other essentials will be provided by the branch.

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megjrt1 Meg is a petite Jack Russell approx 6-7 years old.  This young lady definitely has a mind of her own, and does not mind telling you if she does not like something.

She is currently living in a foster home with a cat and another dog, we feel Meg would be best suited as an only dog as once again she likes her own way.  As you can tell by one of the pictures Meg loves watching TV and I am sure if she could she would switch it over to watch what she wanted to.  We would not place Meg in a home with children because of her fiesty nature we feel an adult only home would be best

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James Bond Fashion Show – Glossop

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james-bond-fashion-show James Bond Fashion Show – 7pm at Glossop Cricket Club. This event is to raise funds for the following two RSPCA branches:  Tameside & Glossop and Bury & Oldham. Fashions to suit a James Bond Spectacular will be on display and can be bought at the event. These good as new designer and high quality clothes will be sure to attract a lot of interest.

To purchase a ticket contact the RSPCA’s Glossop Charity Shop, Unit 6 Norfolk Square Telephone 01457 89976701457 899767.