Animal Fosterers Urgently Needed

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The branch urgently needs a local person/people who are able to foster kittens or puppies in their homes, often at short notice. We also need fosterers able to take in adult dogs who aren’t coping well in kennels.

More often than not, the temporary home is needed for a single puppy or kitten who is far too young to stay in kennels while he/she awaits a new home. Sometimes a young animal might be recovering from an illness so will need special round the clock care. From time to time we may even have a litter of puppies or kittens to find foster care for.

If we don’t have foster spaces we are unable to take in really young animals in need because they cannot go into boarding, so we are appealing for local people who have the space and availability to volunteer for this important role.

As an emergency fosterer you may be called upon to offer space in your home at short notice, you will be given as much information about your temporary guest as possible and full support is provided. Your own transport is not necessary as other volunteers will be able to transport the fostered animal to vet appointments and meetings with potential adopters. All you need is the space, patience, time and of course the ability to provide love and care to a young animal or adult who really needs it.

Even if you can only foster a single puppy, kitten, adult dog or cat and you would like to help and want to know more please get in touch as a matter of urgency.

See more animal welfare volunteering opportunities.

We need your help – our funds are running low

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We always need help to raise funds.  As is the case with many small charities many of our fund raising events are organised and staffed by only a few of our members and we are desperately in need of more people who can spare 2 hours holding a can or selling logoed goods at our instore collections.

Your help at these events will mean that we can continue to ensure our dogs and cats are well-cared for whilst they are waiting for their forever new families.  Even if you cannot make the dates, or are unable to stand for long periods of time, but would like to personally help the animals in our care with a donation,  just click on the MyDonate link on the right to make a secure online donation by card or, if you have a mobile phone, you can now donate by text.  Alternatively, you can donate by cheque, made out to RSPCA Tameside and Glossop branch,  and sent to the branch c/o Volunteer Centre Tameside, 95/97 Penny Meadow, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6EP, where the kind people there, will ensure that your letter and donation reach the branch safely.

Please visit our Diary dates page for a schedule of these and further fundraising events.

Donate much needed food and equipment

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If you would prefer to donate food and other much needed items directly to the branch rather than cash donation, we are in need of the following:

  • Cat litter
  • Kitten food
  • Dog coats
  • Dog leads
  • Toys and various other comforts

Your gifts will benefit RSPCA animals who have suffered at the hands of their previous owners and are being rehabilitated by our volunteer dog walkers and cat socialisers.

Food, beds and cat litter etc will help to feed and provide warmth and comfort to those who are too young or sick to be rehomed from the cattery or kennels and are being cared for by fosterers in their own homes.

Our Amazon Wish List

We have an Amazon wish list containing all the items we (ideally) need which can be viewed here: – Wish List.

All you need to do is click ‘add to basket’ next to the item you would like to buy for us and then checkout in the usual way. All items will be delivered directly to us.

If you can’t donate, please share using the buttons below. Thank you :)

Arnie – Rehomed

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arnie6 Arnie has been with the branch since March this year and we’re all getting a little worried (including Arnie) that no-one will offer him a new home.     He came to us when he was 11 months old and is a Shar Pei cross, who was originally purchased as a pure bred Shar Pei from a local, well known puppy farm outlet.   He is quite a shy boy who, typical of his breed, can be a little aloof when he first meets new people and as a result whoever adopts him will need to be patient and allow him time to settle in with his new family and home.

Whilst he was growing up he missed out on meeting people and visiting new places and now needs to start to learn that there is a whole wide world out there  with exciting new places to investigate and enjoy.  His confidence has greatly improved whilst he’s been in our care.

For more photos and a short video continue

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Tiny – Rehomed

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tinysbthd Tiny is approximately 7 years old and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Tiny was rehomed some time ago but came back to the branch as his previous adopters hadn’t really got the time anymore to give him the attention and exercise which this active little staffy needs.

His dog walkers say: “Tiny should really be called ‘Sunny’ due to his lovely nature. He was brought up with a young child and loves children and adults alike.  He OK with other dogs with careful introductions.  Tiny is quite happy to walk alongside his walkers and ignore dogs he passes, because he is so pleased to be out and about and enjoying life.  All in all Tiny is a great ambassador for his breed and would make an ideal family pet, as he is a very loving dog.”

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Dee Dee

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deedeemastiff1 Dee Dee is a Mastiff she is approx 4 years old.   This lovely big lumbering girl enjoys being with people, she has lived with another dog but we feel it is time for her to have her own space.   Dee Dee even though she is a little under weight is still strong on the lead, so she does need a family with big dog experience


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marlowbullx1 Marlow is a Bull type cross.   He is approx 4 years old.   He has lived with another dog but we feel it would be better for him to be an only dog now as he enjoys plenty of cuddles.   Marlow is strong on the lead so does need a family with big dog experience.   Sadly he has come into our care due to his owners ill health


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starjrtx1 Star is a small crossbreed approx 2years old.  She has come into our care through no fault of her own. Star still needs to learn some commands but is very bright and will soon learn,  Ideally she will suit an active family as she likes to be out and about


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sapphirewilmslow2 Sapphire is a12 months old, very affectionate Weimaraner, blue in colour She gets on well with other dogs outside playing, but we think that Sapphire would be better as an only dog because the reason she has come into our care is because her and her sister were getting “stroppy” with one another, both wanting their family’s attention. She is still only a puppy, and still will chew if left with nothing to do for quite a few hours.

She would suit a family who knows the breed, are at home most of the time and like an active lifestyle.

For more information please ring 01625 52069301625 520693 or 07811 40434607811 404346



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bearsonia3 Bear is a young Border Collie who just loves his ball, and going for long walks.   He is currently living in a foster home with a young family and another dog.

But we have found that if another dog shows any sign of aggression he will retaliate.

We are looking for a family who understand that border collies need lots of exercise and something to occupy their minds such as flyball, obedience training or agility.

If Bear is just the type of dog you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us either by email, text or voicemail.

first posted 11.11.15

Sparky – Reserved

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sparkywilmslow1 Sparky is a 6 year old border terrier. He has lived with his brother but now needs a loving new home as they are not getting on very well.  He loves people and is fine with other dogs when introduced properly.  Unfortunately he has a couple of slight health issues and requires his ears cleaning regularly as the inside have thickened and can become painful. Also he has had a few mild fits but these are not serious. He just stands and shakes but does not roll about and they are very infrequent. The tablets he requires cost a £1 per day but his current owner, who is very reluctant to let him go, is willing to pay for these for the rest of his life!  Sparky is a very affectionate dog and would suit a home where someone is there most of the time and he is an only pet.

For further information please contact Pat on 01625 52069301625 520693 or 07811 40434607811 404346

first published 6.11.15


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sammywilmslow2 Sammy is a 6 year old female crossbreed and has been looking for her new family since Christmas 2014.   Poor Sammy is getting very despondent in kennels and would love a family to take home so that she can enjoy the summer and look forward to a family Christmas this year.  If Sammy has one fault it’s that she isn’t good with other dogs so will need a home where she will be an only one.

Sammy is a very happy dog who is always wagging her tail, just loves her belly tickling when saying hello and simply loves to be with people.

For more photos please continue reading and for more information ring 01625 52069301625 520693

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meekalurcherhd_0 Meeka, who is probably a whippet x greyhound, came into branch care with her sister Sandy (now rehomed), via one of the RSPCA’s inspectors in September and is now 8 months old and about 24 inches to the shoulder.

She was initially seriously underweight and is still quite slim, as can be seen from her photos (from the day she came into our care at the foot of her photos in the tiled area to her photos taken in her foster home’s garden at the top).  She is coming out of her shell and beginning to behave like a puppy, getting cheeky, playing with her foster brother’s toys and starting to greet people she has met a few times when walking out with a cautious wag of her tail.

Meeka is living with another dog who is very laid back and they are now getting along really well, but she is definitely in charge as her foster brother is so polite.  She is also doing well on her lead walking and getting more confident with new experiences, although she is quite nervous with strangers, she is good with other dogs.

A home with sight hound experience would be ideal, and one where she will be given time to become the loving, beautiful companion she is meant to be.

One thing to note is that she survived the firework season by lying flat out on her side and snoozing the evenings around the 5th away, listening to the TV with the sound up more than usual.  Although, her foster home isn’t in the middle of a town, it is in a valley so loud noises do echo from hill to hill.

She will need a secure garden and home so we are looking for a family home without very young children who may leave a door open unintentionally or be too much for her at the moment.

Meeka is looking for a cat free home with no small furries.

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tia-ab3 Tia is an 18 month old, American Bulldog, who has come into branch care through no fault of her own, but due to her owner’s change of circumstances.  Our volunteer Dog Walkers love her to bits as they say she has such a delightful temperament.

Tia is very affectionate and always wants to please, so even though she does pull on the lead at the moment, with her new family she should soon learn walk politely by their side.

We are looking for a home without or with children over 7 years of age for Tia and a family with large dog experience.

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Mr Bump

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mrbumpcat Mr Bump is a 2 year old, male, black and white cat who has come to the branch from an RSPCA Inspector.  Sadly Mr Bump has had a very difficult few months as it was found he had 3 cracks in his pelvis, and he has had to have several weeks’ cage rest.  He has now been given the all clear but we are looking for an indoor home where he can have the attention he craves.

Mr Bump loves to sit in your lap or to just curl up by your side.  So, if you are looking for a house cat, because you live in an apartment or near a busy road perhaps our very handsome Mr Bump is the one for you.

Please ring 07764514095 for further information.

Crash & Thunder

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crashthunderkitties2 Crash and Thunder are two kittens who are 8 weeks old and are brothers.

They are extremely friendly and are so lazy that they made getting pictures very difficult as they just didn’t want to get out of bed. They were abandoned on bonfire night and were picked up by our inspectors. They are in the care of our Stockport branch and are longing for a family to offer them a home together if possible.

They can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery open hours are 11am to 3pm Monday to Saturday.


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spookykitty Spooky is a 7 month old male kitten who was found abandoned near a bonfire.

He is extremely friendly and loves cuddles and would really like someone to play with. He came to our branch and like all our cats and kittens in care, has now been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, blood tested and treated against fleas and worms.

He can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery open hours are 11am to 3pm Monday to Saturday.


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sparklekitty Sparkle is a 7 month old female tabby half grown kitty, who again was found wandering on bonfire night. She is extremely vocal when she sees you approaching her and loves nothing more than to be cuddled.  She is in the care of our Stockport branch.

She can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery open hours are 11am to 3pm Monday to Saturday.


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tinklekitty Tinkle is a 7 month old female kitten who was found abandoned in a box near a bonfire on the 4th of November.

Luckily for Tinkle a local person took her home and phoned our inspectors who went and collected her.  She is a typical black cat who loves nothing more than to be stroked and made a fuss of and of course a kindly knee to curl up on.

She can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery open hours are 11am to 3pm Monday to Saturday.



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ghostcat Ghost is a 3 year old female tabby who has come to the branch after her previous owners moved away and left her in the empty house.  Neighbours said she looked like a sad little ghost, all alone in her family home.

Luckily they phoned our inspectors who contacted the landlord, and rescued her.   Sadly Ghost really doesn’t like the cattery and is very withdrawn.

She would love someone to give her a new home where she will blossom into a loving and happy little girl.

She can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery open hours are 11am to 3pm Monday to Saturday.

Flash and Bang

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flashandbank2 Flash and Bang are two 8 week old, all black kittens.  Who have been abandoned and taken into RSPCA care.  They have been quite ill but are now fully recovered and looking for their forever family.

They are very dependent on each other so we we are looking for a home where they can live and play together.

Kristoff – RESERVED

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kristoffxbrd2 Kristoff, or Kris, to his friends is a 16 month old crossbreed.   He was rehomed a few months ago but had to be returned through no fault of his own.

Kris has lived with a young child and his previous adopters say that he’s fine with other dogs and even cats, although of course he will need careful introduction to his new family’s cat.    This lovely boy needs someone who has the time and patience as the training he has received needs to be carried on.

His previous adopters are heartbroken at having to return him and say that Kristoff is very loving and loves to play.   He will sit for a biscuit and does not snatch or attempt to steal food.

Kristoff needs a family that is at home quite a lot as he will have to learn that being left for a short while is ok.   He would also suit a family that is very active as he likes nothing more than being out and about.

First posted 16.7.15 (rehomed then returned)


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baileystaffie3 Bailey is a 4 year old, happy, friendly, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who loves people, especially those who will play ball with him.  He walks well on his lead and ignores other dogs when out on his walks, even those at the farm our dog walkers pass who always bark at any dog who passes their yard.

He will make a loyal friend for any family with children over 8 years of age as he is quite a bouncy boy and could knock a younger child over in play.

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Archie – Rehomed

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archieamericanbull5 Archie is a 3 year old American Bulldog  came to us from the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital in 2014,  where he had been taken by one of our Inspectors. Archie was rehomed but due his owners splitting up he has come back into our care has now been with a foster family for one week and is settling in well, he looks a very stunning boy. He is a lovely boy who gets on very well with other dogs, and loves the company of people. We are looking for a cat free home for Archie.  Archie is now in a foster home where they have described him as a lovely dog and very well behaved.  He  loves to be with people.   He commando crawls on the the chair with his fosterers and looks at them as if to say but I am only small I will fit on your knee

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Penny kitty

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Penny Penny is just a plain black cat who is approximately 3 years old.  She has been overlooked many times in favour of her more colourful neighbours in the cattery.

She is chipped, neutered and blood tested and can’t wait for her very special forever new family to take her home.

She can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery open hours are 11am to 3pm Monday to Saturday.