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harvey-lurcher Harvey is a 2 year old male lurcher who is in the care of RSPCA Bury and Oldham because his owners had too many animals in the property.

They are looking for someone who has breed experience for Harvey as he has certain requirements.  Due to him having a high prey drive he will need to be rehomed as an only pet, he walks on a muzzle which is common practice for the greyhound/sighthound breed and this will be one of the conditions for adoption.

He will also need a solid fence to keep him from chasing any small animals and he should only be let off lead in a secure fenced off garden/area.

Greyhounds have a reputation for having high energy levels but Harvey is satisfied with his daily walk around the reservoir which is about 20 minutes long.

Harvey will need to be rehomed to a property where residents are over 16

If you would like to meet Harvey he can be seen at Bury and Oldham’s Strinesdale Centre, Holgate Street, Oldham, OL4 2JW.  They are open 7 days each week between 11 and 4pm. You will need to book an appointment to meet Harvey.  Tel: 0300 1111 333 or email: [email protected] or [email protected]

First posted on this website: 1.8.2017

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