Chance – Rehomed

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chance-saluki-x Chance is a 12 month old Saluki lurcher and this is what he says:

“Hi, I’m Chance and my kennel staff tell me that I’m a lovely boy.   I love to race around the paddock and like lots of fuss and attention.

Everyone says how graceful I am when a trot along on the lead but they stand around in amazement when they see just how fast I can run.

I’d like a family who understands my breed as I’m not the sort of hound who walks with my nose stuck to my human’s knee.  Once I learn that you are family,  I will be able to be let off the lead, but until you know that I’ll come back to you this should only be done in an safe area, or I may vanish over the next hill before you have turned around.

I like to meet people, but can be a bit shy at first, although once I’ve met strangers a few times I like to lean into them to be petted.

I’m looking for home with a well fenced large garden as I love to race around and I can jump quite high.

Because I’m a very bouncy boy at the moment I need to be in a family with older children as I could easily knock little ones down.  So over 8s who are kind and gentle to their dogs please, or an adult only home would be great too.”

Because we do not know what Chance is like with small furries, to be on the safe side, we are saying no cats or other small animals such as rabbits and/or guinea pigs.

We recommend The House Lurcher for those who would like to read more about this fascinating breed.

For further information on Chance please ring 07811404346

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