The dark side of the work of the RSPCA

Not all the animals coming into branch care have arrived in such terrible condition as these dogs
but all desperately need caring homes.

Bert – and his amazing recovery

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One of the RSPCA’s Inspectors brought Bert, who is about 12 years of age, to the branch to find the urgent care he desperately needed.    One of our brilliant, volunteer foster families agreed to take him into their home to try their very best to help him recover from his appalling neglect.





This lovely boy was quite literally a walking skeleton when he arrived, with pressure sores from lying on concrete, and was in a collapsed state finding it very difficult to even stand up to eat and drink………..but just look at him now!




He is still under the care of one of our local veterinary practices and, now he has put on enough weight, he will have a much needed dental operation.   Until the huge build up of  plaque is removed we won’t know just how many teeth will have to be extracted.

Handsome Bert will be staying with his foster carers forever as they have asked to adopt him officially once he has recovered from operation.

If you could foster for the branch and help animals like Bert to recover from their previous neglect please contact us.   You should live in the branch area so that you will have full support.



Audenshaw Cruelty Case 2009-2010

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A large number of animals were rehomed by the branch from the Audenshaw Cats and Dogs’ Rescue.  This video was taken when our Inspectors attended at the request of the local police in 2009.

Mrs Hutcheson, the owner of the rescue, was successfully prosecuted.

Also see the BBC news item

Neglected George

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Cruelty case George

George when he first came to us.

But just look at him now!

Cruelty case - George rehomedCruelt case - George rehomedBecause of his breeding his new family knew that that they should ensure George was a perfectly behaved dog and took him to training classes from almost the first day they adopted him. Thanks to all their hard work, George now has his Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Silver Award (next step the Gold).

He is a shining example of how much difference a caring new family can make to a previously neglected and mistreated dog who had almost given up hope.

Droylsden Cruelty Case: 3 German Shepherd Pups

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These three GSD puppies had been left by their owner in atrocious conditions without any food or water on an allotment in Edge Lane, Droylsden. One of our Inspectors came across them whilst she was investigating a complaint about a dog attacking chickens on the allotment.

The 3 puppies were found to be underweight, dehydrated and suffering from untreated diarrhoea. They were living in their own filth on shavings which had not been replaced for some time. Although their pen was covered they had little protection from the rain.

Cruelty case - GSD Pups

The three German Shepherd pups when found.

Once Signed Over…

Cruelty case - Female GSDCruelty case - Male GSDOnce signed over to the RSPCA by their previous owner they came into branch care to be rehomed. Their black sister was rehomed directly from the kennels used by the National Society of the RSPCA, where they were restored to health. All three have now found loving and caring new homes.

Mr Ward pleaded guilty to six charges of animal cruelty and the case was adjourned until 26th March 2008 to give the probation service time to report.

Cruelty Case: Nico

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Daniel Bradley moved in with his girlfriend and baby and left his four-year-old dog Nico behind. Weeks later a worried neighbour rang the RSPCA’s cruelty line as they were so concerned about Nico.

Cruelty case - Nico

Nico as he was found

Nico’s owner pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the dog between 5 December last year and 5 January. He admitted that he had been too busy to visit the flat or feed Nico regularly and said that if inspectors hadn’t forced entry, he wouldn’t have returned for another week!

Nico has now been successfully rehomed and has quickly learnt to answer to his new name Ben.

Eric and Ben

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Rescued Ben and Eric

Happy and healthy, Eric and Ben are pictured ready to go to their new homes.

This is how they were brought in

Neglected BenNeglected EricThis is Eric and Ben as they were brought in to the care of the RSPCA.

We see this far too often and it needs to stop! Please report suspected animal cruelty to the national helpline show at the top of the website.