Success Stories

From time to time we received updates about animals that have been adopted from the branch. We share those here. See details on the right for how to send us updates.

Buddy and Sadie (aka Sandy) with their new family.

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sadie-aka-sandy-and-buddy-rehomed Buddy found his new forever family who have also taken Sandy as a long term foster dog.  Their new people emailed a couple of  photos to let us know just how well they are getting on.

We wish them all the very best for a future which is looking bright.


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harris-2 We love to hear how our adopted dogs are getting on!  Harris’s family sent an email:







A year ago we rehomed Harris so thought we should get in touch with an update.

What a difference a year makes! When we adopted Harris he had been half starved, had little or no training and some clear emotional issues. However with time, patience and a lot of love he has turned into an awesome bundle of joy. He’s not perfect (who is?!?!) but we adore him. He now loves nothing more than heading onto the fells for a run around or playing with his ball, followed by treats and lots of cuddles.

He is a wonderful addition to the family & we’re glad every day that we found him


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marvin2 Marvin’s family recently told us about their new kitten.

“Marvin’s an absolute joy and settled very well when we got him home. He’s a lovely addition to our home and is such a character.”



News about Holly

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holly-cat-in-her-new-home Holly’s new family recently sent an email and a photo and this what they said “We thought we’d share a photo of Holly which we rehomed on 7th January.  She is a lovely cat and has settled in to our family home beautifully.

Boss (PKA) Fudge update

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boss-2-pka-fudge-in-his-new-home Boss’s family have told us how well he’s settling into family life.

“Just to let you know Fudge now “Boss” is settling in well being such a good boy and real cuddle buddy. He loves the garden and he’s been to visit many family members and been such a good boy. Will post more updates soon.

Fudge in his new home

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fudge-in-his-new-home Fudge’s adopters sent us news of how well he’s doing in his new home.

“Just a quick email to let you know Fudge is settling in well. He’s well loved, cuddled and spoilt!! We adore him!! He had his second vaccination at Salford on Monday and is settling into crate training at night. We are working on toilet training and it’s still hit and miss… But know he’s only a puppy and it’s early days!!  He has taken to a collar and lead well. My boys are made up with him!!

Thank you, thank you… And Thank you!!!”


Dimple – now Milo

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dimplemilorehomed Milo recently had his photo taken to show everyone just how he’s growing into a lovely young man.  He is enjoying life in his new home and would like to thank everyone for all their help in finding him such a wonderful family.

Jenson (prev Billy) in his new home

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jenson-rehomed_0 Jenson, who was known as Billy when he came to the branch, has found his forever family and is doing really well.  He has been to training class and is being a lovely boy.  Here he is with his new best friend and lazing about in his new home.

Nutmeg update

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nutmeg-june-16-3 Nutmeg’s family recently brought us up to date on the lovely Nutmeg and what a joy she is for her family.

“Nutmeg is very playful even now and is so bright she’s truly a valued family member”

Max who was Davey

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maxakadaveyrehomed Max’s new family sent some photos of Max in his new home.  As you can see he’s loving his new life with a caring family.

Cassie now Ella

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cassie11 This is Ella who was Cassie relaxing in the sunshine in the garden.

She has settled in so well we cannot believe we have only had her for three days.   Ella did not like the kennels so it is lovely to see her so happy in her new home

Zabba (aka Frank the Beagle)

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creature-comforts-2 I just wanted to send you an update on “Frank the Beagle”, seeing as it’s a year today that we adopted him and gave him his forever home.

He’s happy and extremely well looked after and we wouldn’t be without him now, even though he is so mischievous.

I compose Bespoke Poetry so as today is ”Zabba’s” “Forever Home Day”, I have written this for him and I would like to share it with you all along with a couple of photos…..

“Happy Forever Home Day”

You are our fur baby and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
It’s been a year today, since you came to stay.
We’re overjoyed you’ve found, your forever home.
Now we know, you’ll never feel alone.
When we adopted you, you were slim and your name was Frank,
Now you’re called Zabba and you’re built like a tank.
During your first few months here, you really put us to the test,
You were highly strung and we didn’t get much rest.
Now you’re completely different, it’s wonderful to see,
But you’re still as Bonkers as a Beagle could ever be.
You love to go for walkies, it does Mummy good too,
She’s much fitter now and that’s all thanks to you.
You love your rough and tough with Daddy, at the end of the day,
You bark and whinge at him, when you want him to play.
Your favourite toy’s your rope and you don’t like to share,
You hold onto it with your mouth as Daddy swings you through the air.
You love your creature comforts but you love ours more,
You steal Daddy’s place on the bed in a morning, as soon as he walks out the door.
Lie ins at weekend, have become a thing of the past,
Because you take up all the bed and we feel we’ve been outcast.
You really don’t like it, when the Postman calls,
We’re certain given half the chance, you’d have him by the b***s.
We always know, when the big Rottweilers are out,
You tear a**e round the house and have a right good shout.
You’re still a little destructive, especially with underwear,
If you carry on destroying Mum’s knickers, her a**e is gonna be bare.
You’re a little unsure of kids and tall men but with Alec and Daniel you’re okay,
You give them lots of doggy kisses every single day.
Even though you can be a pest, you make us laugh so much,
You bring joy to our lives, with your mischievous touch.
So because we don’t know when your Birthday is, we just want to say,
As it’s been a year, Happy Forever Home Day.

Hero (previously Wonky)

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Hero 2 Hero’s new family sent us a pm on facebook a few days ago and here is their news.

We just wanted to share an update with you on ‘Wonky’ who we rehomed. He is now called Hero, renamed by my son because he thinks he is a hero for what he’s been through.  My son also has a disability, so having a cat with a disability too is something he can relate to.

Hero is happy and well and settling into his forever home. He has a bit of separation anxiety which is to be expected. He just loves people so much! His favourite thing to do is to sit on our laps for cuddles.

He’s a beautiful cat with a really sweet temperament and gets on great with all the family.

We’re over the moon with him so we just wanted to write to say thank you for all your help in rehoming him with us and for all the vital work the RSPCA are doing.

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Jemima (aka Dotty)

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dottycatrehomed3 Jemima’s adopter sent an email to let us know how well this little cat who was called Dotty has settled into her new home.  She had been so badly beaten by youths that her leg had to be amputated.

“I wanted to let you know how chuffed I am with the progress that Dotty (now Jemima) has made since adopting her just last Saturday.  Given the terrible ordeals that she has been through recently, I was expecting her to find it extremely challenging to settle in to a new home but I was doing her a disservice. Wow! What a brilllant little cat she is .. so resilient and positive and good natured :0)

 Jemima had already adjusted to life as a tripod (tripawd) cat by the time I met her .. just over 3 weeks after her operation. She sees everything as an opportunity to be explored rather than an obstacle – the only thing she struggled with was cat litter – she’s definitely a Catsan lady!   She still needs to rest, and recuperate, but I am beyond happy to provide her with the stable and loving home that she needs.

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Leia and Max updated

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leiarehomedwithmax8 A year on and Leia’s new family recently updated us on her progress along with news of her brother Max, who was also adopted from the branch.

“Hi. Just letting you know how LEiA is doing now we have had her a year. LEiA had no training from her previous owner and didn’t know how to play with a ball or toys. Max who we also adopted from you over two years ago has been great teaching LEiA and they love each other very much. We are so glad we adopted them both and wish I had more room to adopt more but unfortunately we don’t. I am sending you a couple of photos. Keep up the great work you all do.”

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Max – High flying and loving life

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maxnewfamily6 Max, who came to us to find a new home from the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, has found a loving and caring family who have shown him just how great life can be.

His new family sent us some photos of Max to let us know how he is settling in.  Max now has a great life playing by the sea and being a little star in the air show.

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Jeff (1 of 11) – an update

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jeff-rehomed6 Jeff’s family sent us some new photo of Jeff and a copy of his certificate from his training class.



Well done Jeff.


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Bobby (1 of 11)

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Bonny (1 of 11) Bobby’s adopter sent us some lovely photos of one of the 11 puppies rehomed earlier this year.  We’re sure you’ll agree that he’s grown into such a very handsome young boy.

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River in her new home

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riverrehomed River send us an email today, with a little help from her adopter of course.

I’m “River” and I was adopted yesterday. I thought you might like to see how well I’ve settled in.

Nutmeg one of the eleven pups

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nutmegsuccessstory Nutmeg is one of Molly’s eleven puppies.   Nutmeg’s new family are very pleased with her she is growing into a lovely dog and always happy to play.