Adopt our Rabbits

We now have some young rabbits looking for a home. Please think before you decide to adopt these amazing little creatures. Rabbits need companionship of their own kind so we would like people to adopt neutered pairs. They need much more room than many of the commercial hutches provide and secure areas to run around in. Rabbits can live as long as 12 years of age, they need hay as the major part of their diet – at least 90% as this not only keeps their digestive system healthy but helps to wear down their evergrowing teeth thus preventing dental problems.

Baby Rabbits – We’ve moved to RSPCA Manchester and Salford

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more-babies-6 Although we have found new homes for a couple of our baby rabbits the rest have moved to RSPCA Manchester and Salford branch where they will be available soon.  We currently have 7 baby rabbits in our care.  We have 3 white and the other 4 are a tan variation.  These little cuties were all being kept as house rabbits