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Bank Holiday information and emergency numbers

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emergency-phone The following numbers may be useful over the National and Bank Holiday periods:-

Our National Cruelty Line: 0300 1234 999

For injured stray animals – The Police (Greater Manchester Police Force Instructions) may call on the services of an emergency veterinary surgeon.  If you find an animal which is injured or has been involved in a road traffic accident, please telephone the police in the first instance and ask them to authorise this.

 Stray dogs – The RSPCA does not collect stray dogs.  They are the responsibility of your local authority and should be reported to their Dog Warden Service:  Tameside Dog Warden (Stray dogs Lost/Found): 0161 342 8355 (weekdays between 8am-4pm) 0161 334 0042 (between 4pm-8am, weekends and bank holidays). High Peak Dog Wardens: 0845 129 7 777 or 01298 28400

For horses or other livestock on highway, in Greater Manchester call the GM police or in the High Peak if unlikely to cause an accident please use the non emergency number: 101.  However, if the animal is likely to cause an accident ring 999.

For injured wildlife, if it is safe and practical, please take them to a local vet.  Please be aware that the National Control Centre (0300 1234 999) will often ask callers to call a local vet, if an officer is unavailable to get to an animal quickly, rather than leave an animal in distress. If the situation is urgent, please remain patient and hang on until they can answer your call.

Tameside Emergency Vets: Most veterinary practices offer a recorded message to direct you to their out of hours service or an alternative practice which they use such as Medivet Mossley 24 hours, or Petmedics Walkden: 0161 799 2299. Please have a pen and paper to hand when you ring.

Glossop emergency vets: Victoria Veterinary Practice provide emergency cover Tel: 01457 852367

Please be aware that the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, due to the current Coronavirus emergecy is closed to new clients is only accepting those who are already registered with them except in a life threatening emergency.   You now need to ring the hospital with your details to make an appointment as this will avoid a packed waiting room and queue at the door.  This is to protect pet owners themselves and the staff working in the hospital.  You will need to ring them to make an appointment.  The number to ring is 0300 123 0711.

The PDSA also provides low cost treatment for animals whose owners live in an M post code area but again due to the Coronavirus is closed except for emergencies until further notice: PDSA, 7 Warwick Road South, Old Trafford, M16 0JW Tel: 0161 881 0222.  You must be in receipt of Housing (help with rent) or Council Tax benefit (support/ reduction) take proof of benefit and ID when you attend.


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harriet-tuxedo Harriet is 8 years of age and would very much like to find a family to call her own.   She is a lovely friendly girl with a very pretty tuxedo coat.

If you would like to meet her at Bowler’s cattery please ring 07432 709198 to make an appointment.

Buddy – Rehomed

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buddy-cat Buddy is a 3 year old boy who is looking for his forever family.   He is a lovely, friendly kitty who just needs a home to call his own.

If you would like to meet him at Bowler’s cattery please ring 07432 709198 to make an appointment.


Sophia – Rehomed

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Sophia is a lovely young mum who has successfully raised her kittens, has recovered from her neutering operation and is now ready to begin her new life.

Sophia is a lovely, friendly girl who will make a great addition to any family but she will need regular grooming to keep her long hair in good condition.

If you think that Sophia may be the kitty you are looking for please send an email or send a text to 07954122481  and we will send you our perfect match form.  No dogs or other cats please for Sophia.

Matilda – Rehomed

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matilda Matilda is an older kitten about 4 months of age.   She is full of fun and just loves attention.

If you think that Matilda would suit your family please don’t hesitate to contact the branch by email or text to 07954122481 and we will send you our perfect match form.

Thomas, Richard and Harold – All rehomed

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tom-dick-harry-kittens Tom, Dick and Harry are 3 little kittens who are looking for their forever families.   They are 8 weeks old and full of fun and mischief.

An adult only family or one with children over 5 years of age would be ideal for the kittens.

If you would like to arrange to meet them with a view to adoption please email the branch for our perfect match form.


Videos of Cats – All now rehomed

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The six have now been reserved.  Thank you to everyone who has asked about them. Here are a few video links posted with kind permission by the staff at Bowler’s who care for our and Stockport cats.   The cats all came from a deceased hoarder’s home where they had been allowed live their own lives as best they could.    As a result they were very timid when they first came into care and will need time to settle into normal life with their adopters.   We are looking for families with no other cats or dogs and where these little cats will have a one to one family relationship giving them time to flourish and become loving companions.   If you would like to find out more about them please ring  07432 709198

Links to the cats’ videos are in name and photo order.












Toby update

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toby-and-his-sister-trixie-was-autumn Toby’s family who adopted him as a snuggly, little lurcher puppy 2 years ago have kindly sent photos of their wonderful boy.

12 months later they adopted his sister who was called Autumn and had been previously been returned due to a change in her original adopters’ circumstances.

Here is Toby’s baby photo followed by this handsome young man’s “now I am two” portrait.

toby-when-adopted toby-2-years-on


Ruby – forever foster home found

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ruby-in-her-foster-home   Ruby’s lovely foster family sent us this photo.   Ruby, as you can see loves her new bed next to a warm radiator for her old bones when it gets a bit chillier overnight.

More about Ruby whose elderly owner has very sadly died.   Ruby is 14 years of age and has been in kennels for 5 weeks while her owner was in hospital, we have now been asked if we can find a caring home for Ruby.

Because of Ruby’s advanced age we are looking for a fosterer who will care for her until the end of her days.   The branch will cover all veterinary costs and give her foster carers ongoing support.

If you would like to find out more about fostering Ruby for the branch and live in or very near the branch area so that she can be seen by one of our local veterinary practices please contact us via email or text 07954122481 and we will send you our forms and information leaflets by post or return email.


Bowler’s Cattery

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If you think you can offer an RSPCA kitty a caring new home, please visit Bowler’s Cattery,  Shady Oak Farm, 200 Marple Rd, Stockport SK2 5HE.  Tel: 07432709198 opening hours are 11am to 3pm Monday to Saturday.  Visitors MUST wear masks and gloves.

7 Puppies – all rehomed

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MAUDE Hi, I’m Maude and I’ve been asked to speak for all my brothers and sisters, so I’ll do my very best,

“We are 7 puppies who were brought to the branch by a person in a uniform, we didn’t know at the time that she was one of the RSPCA’s inspectors,  but she thought we needed some fresh air and sunshine to grow up big and strong.   We were brought to a lovely place where our kennel staff say we are beautiful, lively little girls and boys who won’t be little for very long as we are growing ‘like weeds’.

“Our mamma was sad to see us leave her, but she told us that the RSPCA would find us the best homes we could ask for, where we won’t be frightened and have lots and lots of exciting walks and adventures.

“We would love a family who have had Rottweilers or American Bulldogs or similar BIG, strong dogs before so that they will know what to expect from such large, bouncy puppies as we are.  As we are going to be on the large size we’ll need plenty of walks and we’ve been promised that we will soon be old enough to go to school with our new humans to learn how to become ‘model’ citizens.”

If you would like to learn more about us and perhaps arrange to meet us please ring our carer in chief, Pat on 07811404346



Missing Galah Parrot – Rosie

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Our Galah parrot, Rosie, was last seen on the field on Garden Street, Hyde, then another sighting on Bluebell Close in Hyde within 5 minutes’ walking distance, yesterday.

There was a possible sighting on the 26th April around the area but not by ourselves.

She is hand tame and is good at inside recall training with sunflower seeds

She can do a bit of talking like give us a kiss says the name Lucy

If you have any information or have seen this much loved little girl please contact the branch by text on 07954122481 so we can pass on the information to her worried family.

Theo – Rehomed

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max-mastiff-x Theo, who is still very much a big puppy is approximately 2 years old.  He is a Mastiff cross and he is still growing into his paws.    Theo has a shiny black and white coat and we are sure he will turn heads wherever he goes.  He came to the branch to find his forever home via the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.

Theo is currently under the vet because he has small kidneys so he does need someone who is willing to carry on with his treatment if and when prescribed

He is a lovely, friendly, slobbery boy who will be lots of fun for any family who love large dogs.   But because of his size we are looking for an adult only home or one with teenage children as he is still uncoordinated could easily knock smaller children over in his excitement at meeting them.

First posted on 12.9.2019


Walking someone else’s dog – advice during Covid 19

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Please see our Advice from the National Society and Defra regarding walking someone else’s dog

Please be aware that these guidelines may change to meet government guidelines

Walking someone else's dog for them during coronavirus

Please be aware that these guidelines may change to meet government guidelines

R.I.P. Lassie – in memoriam

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We received some very sad news yesterday.

Lassie, who was brought into our care in 2009 by an RSPCA inspector because at 3 years old she wasn’t being fed or cared for as she should have been, has sadly has passed away peacefully.



Thank you Robin for giving this beautiful girl such a loving home.


Lassie my baby Rough Collie passed away 25th March 2020

You were the light in my life

The best thing that’s ever happened to me

My best friend

My companion

My saviour

I love you more than words can express

Not a day went by when we were not together

I was with you till the end

I tried to give you the best life I could

You loved me unconditionally as I did you

Your condition of Degenerative Myelopathy was pain free

You slipped into a stupor and my heart broke

I massaged your chest to try and bring you round pleading with you not to leave me

You emerged from unconsciousness only for a few seconds to look at me as if to say I know Daddy, but I have to.

I know 14 is a good age but I wasn’t ready for you to leave

The blessing is that I know you didn’t suffer, it was quick and you were not in pain and slipped away when unconscious with me caressing you.

My life is now a void

The gap is unbearable

I don’t know how to cope without you

My light has gone out

I am broken

Thank you with all my heart for choosing me to spend your life with.


Ronnie – Rehomed

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ronnieoldham Ronnie is a 14 week old puppy.  He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross.  He is full of mischief and fun and is looking for a home with no small children and a family who understands that he is still a puppy and will get up to lots of naughty things and will need his training carrying on.   Ronnie is very loving and loves being with people

Covid-19 emergency information

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Important information regarding the Covid-19 emergency and the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital can be found on their website. If you are in receipt of means tested benefits or have been laid off during this emergency and your pet is ill and you need to see a private vet but can’t afford to meet all your bill we can offer a voucher to help. Please be aware that as we have to spread our funds as widely as possible it won’t pay for everything. We strongly advise people to take out insurance for their pets if at all possible. If you need one of our vouchers please text 07954122481 with your and your pet’s details including their name, breed, sex, colour, their illness and the name of your own veterinary practice. We also offer vouchers towards the cost of neutering.

Please note that Bowlers’ Cattery is also closed to the public.   They have to safeguard their staff and you from spreading the disease.

From the 25th March we will not be able to adopt out our animals who are ready to be rehomed or place newly arrived dogs and cats in foster homes until this emergency is over, although our current foster homes are full

Harriet – Rehomed

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Harriet This is little Harriet who was sadly bereaved.   She is a lovely little dog once she gets to know you but can be a bit grumpy when she wants to be.

At 11 years of age all this old girl wants is to have a loving home and a happy retirement.   She still likes her walks and to toddle around the garden.

If you would like to meet Harriet with view to adoption please ring 07811404346 to discuss Harriet further and perhaps make an appointment.

Photos from our James Bond Christmas Ball

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[SinglePic not found]A huge thank you to everyone who came to our fundraising ball in December and to Angela for giving up so much of her time to organise the whole event, our great chef, Matteo, and Andy our fabulous DJ, who made the whole evening so much fun.

We raised £1,311.50 after all expenses which will help pay for veterinary treatment and food for the animals in branch care.   During 2019 we rehomed 176 cats and dogs who were brought to us by RSPCA Inspectors.    Many of whom needed extra TLC and expensive veterinary treatment before they were well enough to begin life with their forever families.

[Gallery not found]




Pirate – (was Wilbur) one year on

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btrhdr Pirate’s family recently sent a first “adoptiversary” update and this is what they said: “We absolutely adore him and we are so grateful that we have him. He has brought us a lot of happiness and fun over the past year.”

We have included a photograph of him when he first came to the RSPCA and had a bath to rid him of the fleas.  The red water is in fact the blood from the flea dirt on his skin.

We can’t thank his family enough for giving this boy such a wonderful life.