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We prioritise dogs and puppies who have been rescued by RSPCA inspectors from often appalling conditions, where their lives are in danger from neglect or physical assault. These are the rescued dogs and puppies in RSPCA branch care that are looking for caring forever homes. To see more information and photos (if available) please just click on the “.. continue reading” link which will take you to each dog or puppy’s full information and photos then by clicking on their thumbnail photos you will be able to view larger images.

Can you offer a permanent or foster home to any branch dogs? Please see the contact details on the right for more info or to arrange a meeting.


We ask for an adoption fee of £120 (cash please) to offset some of the costs we incur in caring for and treating the dogs in our care. Please contact us for terms when adopting an elderly dog. When compared with the initial expense of essential welfare costs when obtaining a “free” dog or puppy from the free ads or a neighbour, such as neutering, vaccinations and flea and worming treatment the estimated cost of which is now well over £250 by adopting one of our animals you are saving money and…….more importantly a life.

An excellent site for people who would like adopt but worry about coping with a rescued dog for the first time is



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benjy3 Benjy is approx 4 years old, this crossbreed young man has not had the best start to life so far so will need an understanding owner. He has not been out very much but when he does he really enjoys it and has lots of fun.

[ngglaery id=2882]

Danny boy – on hold

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dannyboy2 Danny boy is 5 month old Belgian Shepherd.  He is currently in a foster home and is getting to meet many new animals and people   He just loves to cuddle up with people.  He does still need a lot of training, but he is still a baby.   He seems to have got the hang of house training.

Izzy – has a family coming to see her soon

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lornainspector2 Izzy is a slight 3 year old crossbreed with sighthound in her make up.

She is good with other dogs, not really bothered with them. But if rehomed with another dog it would have to be a calm dog as she likes to have lots of cuddles with her new human family.  However, she also likes to play with those she gets to know as can be seen from her video below.

She is fully house trained and when out for a walk does like the water.  We would not rehome her with small furries



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bistoterrier1 Bisto is a 10 year old Lancashire Healer.  He has come into our care through no fault of his own.  He is good with dogs quite happy to say hello, walks well on the lead and just loves to go for a walk.   Even though Bisto is 10 he may still have many years left as he is a terrier.  We have had him blood tested and it came back good for his age


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tillypat Tilly is a small crossbreed approx 7 years old.  She has come into our care due to her owners ill health, she is good with other dogs, and loves nothing more than sitting with you and enjoying a cuddle.

For further enquiries and viewing please ring 07811 404346


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rosie5 Rosie is a 2 year old Crossbreed Staffie.   This young lady is very loving just wants to have a family to love her.  She still needs a little training but is very eager to learn.   Rosie travels well in a car.


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kayla-x-breed-5 This is Kayla, a little crossbreed who is just 10 months of age.  Kayla is now in a foster home where they are delighted by her progress, the fosterer says that Kayla is a very loving dog and just loves to please, but she can get a little excited at times but this is just due to her still being a puppy.   Kayla is meeting many new people and dogs and is getting on great with everyone she meets.

She is about the size of a Parson’s Jack Russell Terrier and would love an understanding family to take her home.

We are looking for a family who are looking for a dog that like going for long walks.  She would be better with older children because she could possibly knock little ones over

If you would like to meet her please don’t hesitate to ring (voicemail) or email to make an appointment.

First posted 27.1.18


Purdy Lurcher

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purdy-lurcher-5 Purdy came to the branch to find her forever family via one of our Inspectors at the begining of the year. She is two and a half years of age and a typical, medium sized, lurcher of about 24 inches to her shoulder. Purdy definitely has greyhound or whippet in her make up but what else is anyone’s guess.

Purdy is an excellent jumper and VERY fast so we think that she may enjoy agility.  But she would need a confident, experienced agility home, as she does like to play with her doggy friends.

Please visit this rescue website which has excellent advice for potential Lurcher owners.

She had never lived in house but she quickly became clean in her foster home, and is enjoying life and regaining her mischievous puppy hood. She has a happy, bouncy nature and loves to steal shoes etc. but doesn’t object to them being taken from her as it’s all just just a game to this funny little girl. Her new family should also be aware that she is a bit of a “counter surfer” so food items shouldn’t be left out on the kitchen worktops.

Purdy is currently living with another dog and gets on well with him and is good with other dogs she meets of all sizes. As she is quite strong on her collar and lead she currently wears a dogmatic head collar.

Even though Purdy was a non-chaser in her previous home, we are looking for a cat and small animal free home and one with or without children over 8 years of age and where she won’t be left alone for more than short time.

Sighthound experience would be an advantage.

First posted 7.1.18

Duke – Reserved

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dukecross4 Duke is a 1 year old Rodesian Ridgeback cross Dogue de Bordeau.  This young man is still a puppy so is quite giddy but is very friendly.  Duke needs a family with big dog experience and with no children under 10 years simply because he may knock little ones over.  He loves to be with people just enjoying life

Anakin at Bury and Oldham branch

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anakin This is Anakin, a lovely boy, who loves people and people can’t help loving Anakin.  His carers say that he’s a happy, friendly, ball of fun.

Anakin is looking for his forever family and if you would like to meet him and need more information about this good boy please phone RSPCA Bury and Oldham branch on 0300 1111 333