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We prioritise dogs and puppies who have been rescued by RSPCA inspectors from often appalling conditions, where their lives are in danger from neglect or physical assault. These are the rescued dogs and puppies in RSPCA branch care that are looking for caring forever homes. To see more information and photos (if available) please just click on the “.. continue reading” link which will take you to each dog or puppy’s full information and photos then by clicking on their thumbnail photos you will be able to view larger images.

Can you offer a permanent or foster home to any branch dogs? Please see the contact details on the right for more info or to arrange a meeting.


We ask for an adoption fee of £120 (cash please) to offset some of the costs we incur in caring for and treating the dogs in our care. Please contact us for terms when adopting an elderly dog. When compared with the initial expense of essential welfare costs when obtaining a “free” dog or puppy from the free ads or a neighbour, such as neutering, vaccinations and flea and worming treatment the estimated cost of which is now well over £250 by adopting one of our animals you are saving money and…….more importantly a life.

An excellent site for people who would like adopt but worry about coping with a rescued dog for the first time is


Prince and Dolly

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yorkiewilmslow1  yorkiewilmslow2  Prince the darker faced one and Dolly has the tan face, they are Father and Daughter.  Prince is 9 years old and Dolly is 4 years old, they have always lived together and love being with each other so ideally we want them to be rehomed together.   Sadly there owner passed away so they are feeling a little sad and are inseperable.  They are both very loving, but Prince does look after his daughter.  These two tiny lovable rouges are desperately waiting for there forever family to come forward.

For further enquires please ring 07811 404346


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brianwilmslow5 Brian is approximately 4 years old and a Mastiff cross.  He came into our care through no fault of his own.

Sadly he has not had a good life so far, he has yellow staining on most of his body where he has been lying in his own urine and he is also very thin.  Brian just loves people but can be a bit “barky” with other dogs and does pull on the lead.

He has now been fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered.   We would not rehome him with young children simply because when he does put is weight back on he will be a large breed dog who could easily knock little ones over.

First posted: 20.5.17


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tiggersitting Tigger (previously Billy) is a crossbreed  who probably has some Shar Pei in his make up and is thought to be approximately 18 months old.  He was found all alone on the moors above Glossop.  At the time he was extremely underweight and had a collar which had not been loosened as he grew.  Luckily for Tigger he was found in time and his collar hadn’t done any damage, but without a chip his previous owners have never been found and despite advertising him no one has come forward to claim him.  We think he was probably left on the moor without a thought for his welfare.

Our volunteer fosterer has worked wonders with him and he has gained weight, enjoys his walks, is house trained and knows how to sit and shake a paw.   He has been to a local dog day care centre where he has a chance to interact with lots of other dogs.  He is a lovely boy who loves everyone he meets.

All his new photos were taken at one of our fun dog shows where he was well behaved and met lots of other dogs and people of all ages.

We are looking for a family with older children, 10 and over, or an adult only home as he is still very much a puppy and quite a bouncy boy.   Following his abandonment he does need to be with someone most of the time and he will need to be taught that it’s okay to be left alone.

First posted 8.5.17


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tinawilmslow1 Tina is a Lurcher approx 18 months old, this lovable young lady just wants loads of cuddles.   But she came into our care via an Inspector, so we would not rehome her with small furries.   We have had to remove some of Tina tail due to an injury that was not healing, but it does not stop her from wagging it when she sees you

Akela – applications are currently on hold

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akela4 Akela is 10 months old and still very much a big, bouncy puppy.  She was originally sold to her previous owners as a Newfoundland cross, but she could be any mix of extra large breeds.

Akela is currently in a foster home where she is doing really well.   She is house trained and knows a few commands.   She was a little nervous at first when on her lead but is settling down great.   All the family love her, she has quickly settled in and has now got her feet under the table.

She needs a home where people understand big dogs and their needs and know that as a puppy she will still be into all the antics every puppy gets up to.  Because she is still learning what is expected of her she will need someone who is prepared to put some time into training her and taking her to classes

Akela is a very loving girl who will blossom into a companion to be proud of and turn heads wherever she goes.  She has lived with children

If you could offer this wonderful young girl a loving home please don’t hesitate to the contact the branch, which is based in Greater Manchester.

Holly (previously Roxie) – Reserved

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roxiemastiff4 Holly is a 4 year old Mastiff cross who has now been transferred to RSPCA Preston Branch’s Rehoming Centre.   This young lady is a lovely girl but can be a little nervous with new things and people.   Holly needs a family with older children, simply because she could possibly knock little ones over and also needs people who are experienced with big dogs as Holly is very strong on the lead.   We have found Holly to be quite playful and loves to play with a ball and will even give it you back.   She is also very gentle when you give her a treat we are all starting to get very fond of Holly she has a lovely nature and in the right hands she will become a truly lovely dog