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We are now only accepting cats and kittens who have been taken to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital by RSPCA Inspectors or Collection Officers. Many have been ill-treated or severely neglected by their previous owners.

The branch is now sharing private boarding with RSPCA Stockport, East Cheshire and South Derbyshire Branch at Bowler’s Cattery, SK2 5HF and as a result their little cats and kittens are also appearing on this page.

TO ARRANGE TO MEET AND ADOPT ANY OF THE CATS OR KITTENS BELOW PLEASE TELEPHONE:0795 412 2481. Or, send us an email to [email protected] not forgetting to include your contact phone number. This number is ONLY FOR ADOPTIONS. The branch can now only accept cats and kittens rescued by our inspectors due to lack of funds and safe spaces to care for them.


We ask for an adoption fee of £60 for an adult cat and £70 for a kitten (cash please) to offset some of the costs we incur in caring for and treating the cats in our care, please contact us for terms for multiple adoptions or when adopting an elderly cat. When compared with the initial expense of essential welfare costs when obtaining a “free” kitten from a friend or neighbour, such as neutering, Blood tests, vaccinations and flea and worming treatment the estimated cost of which is now over £200, by adopting one of our animals you are saving money and…….more importantly a life. See our Adoption Process on the right hand column particularly the link to – Adopting a Cat from the branch for a full breakdown of costs.

To see more information and photos (if available) please just click on the “.. continue reading” link which will take you to each cat or kitten’s full information and photos then by clicking on their thumbnail photos you will be able to view larger images.

To see even more cats looking for homes please follow the “older posts” link at the foot of each page.



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poppycat1 Poppy is a 12 year old female house cat.   This young lady has been handed into us because her owner has sadly had to go into a care home.   Poppy is very loving, litter trained and is desperate for a home to call her own.   Poppy is currently in a foster home and is a model foster cat

Thomas and Magic

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thomas kitten

magic kitten Thomas and Magic are brothers who were born to a feral mother and came to the branch at about 10 weeks of age.  They are now 16 weeks old and although they have been living in a foster home and are quite a bit braver now, they still hate to be picked up.  They are using their litter tray and are happy to be left to their own devices in their temporary foster family’s dining room and are quite used to the family sitting down to dinner etc. even letting the humans gently touch them and accepting food from their hands.

Now they have had their first vaccinations and have been neutered we are looking for a home for them where they will be left very much to their own devices but where they will be warm and cared for.

Given time they may become more used to their special family/families but they may never really lose their wild streak, so a home in a farm, stables or one where they can roam to their hearts’ content and come and go as they please will be ideal.

If you have that special home these boys need we’d love to hear from you.

Turnip – Reserved

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bty Turnip is an old lady who is very loving and is ready for a nice retirement knee to sit on.

Our vet thinks she is possibly about 12 years old, and thinks she is hard of hearing and has poor visability, but it certainly does not stop her from enjoying life.  She still has lots to give anyone who could offer her a forever new home and family.

When she came in to the branch she had a very bad chest infection and was very thin, but her very kind fosterer has now managed to get quite a lot of weight on her and with a dose of antibiotics she is feeling loads better.

Her fosterer also says she is house trained and just loves being with you having a cuddle.

We think she would be better in a home with no other pets and needs to be a house cat now for her own safety as she couldn’t manage to find her way around the busy streets or wide open spaces of the countryside.

If you feel you could offer little Turnip the love and care she longs for please don’t hesitate to contact the branch to discuss our special adoption terms when adopting an animal with extra needs.

Therese and Fluffy

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theresefluffy_0 Therese is approx 18 months old and her kitten Fluffy (male) is about 12 weeks they were found in a garden and despite trying to find their owners, no one has come forward.   They are now safe in the home and are doing really well.   They are both litter trained, like a cuddle and love to play, they are living with one of our excellent cat and kitten fosterers where they will have a warm bed and a lot of TLC until they find their forever new family or families.

They can be rehomed together or separately, but Fluffy is still a baby so will need someone at home most of the time.  Please read our cat adoption policy.

If you would like to meet them with a view to adoption please contact the branch to arrange a convenient time.




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meena-cat-for-webpage Meena is a 5 year old female cat who has come to our branch from the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.  Despite her past life Meena is still a very friendly girl whose only wish for the future is to have a family to call her own and a warm fireside to doze beside.

Meena can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery


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neve-cat Neve is a 4 year old, tabby cat who has come to the branch from the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital to find her forever home.  She is very friendly and will make a great addition to any family.

If you would like to meet Neve please visit her at Bowler’s cattery

Minnie (still looking) and Maisy (rehomed)

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minniecat Minnie and Maisy are 2 and 3 year old female cats who have come to the branch after being part of a case and as a result have spent a lot of time in a boarding cattery and are quite nervous.  In the right home they will learn to trust and give you lots of attention.

If you would like to meet them with a view to offering them a caring home please visit Bowler’s Cattery

Midnight and Shadow – Reserved

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shadow-kitten Midnight and Shadow came to us from the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital after being found abandoned in a box by our Inspectors. They are about 9/10 weeks old and are very nervous so will need someone with a quiet home and lots of patience so that they can gain in confidence and become loving little companions.  Black cats often have such wonderful temperaments.

If you would like to meet them with a view to adoption they can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery

Our Monochrome cats

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magiccat3 Please remember our little black cats  -  if you are thinking of adopting a cat or kitten please don’t overlook our little black and white or all black girls and boys.  Of all the cat colours they are famous for being the most affectionate and loving.