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We are now only accepting cats and kittens who have been taken to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital by RSPCA Inspectors or Collection Officers. Many have been ill-treated or severely neglected by their previous owners.

The branch is now sharing private boarding with RSPCA Stockport, East Cheshire and South Derbyshire Branch at Bowler’s Cattery, SK2 5HF and as a result their little cats and kittens are also appearing on this page.

TO ARRANGE TO MEET AND ADOPT ANY OF THE CATS OR KITTENS BELOW PLEASE TELEPHONE:0795 412 2481. Or, send us an email to [email protected] not forgetting to include your contact phone number. This number is ONLY FOR ADOPTIONS. The branch can now only accept cats and kittens rescued by our inspectors due to lack of funds and safe spaces to care for them.


We ask for an adoption fee of £60 for an adult cat and £70 for a kitten (cash please) to offset some of the costs we incur in caring for and treating the cats in our care, please contact us for terms for multiple adoptions or when adopting an elderly cat. When compared with the initial expense of essential welfare costs when obtaining a “free” kitten from a friend or neighbour, such as neutering, Blood tests, vaccinations and flea and worming treatment the estimated cost of which is now over £200, by adopting one of our animals you are saving money and…….more importantly a life. See our Adoption Process on the right hand column particularly the link to – Adopting a Cat from the branch for a full breakdown of costs.

To see more information and photos (if available) please just click on the “.. continue reading” link which will take you to each cat or kitten’s full information and photos then by clicking on their thumbnail photos you will be able to view larger images.

To see even more cats looking for homes please follow the “older posts” link at the foot of each page.


Casper – Reserved

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casper-white-cat Casper is 15 months old and an all white, chunky kitty.

He is currently living in a multi cat home where he was taken in when his previous owner moved house and didn’t want to take him along.

He is a very playful and quite boisterous with other cats in his current home so we’ve been asked to find him a loving family where he will be an only cat.   He is looking for a quiet home where he can regain his confidence with visitors, and where his family will allow him to come round in his own time.

We are confident that with a family who have older children (over 10s) who are cat “savvy” or an adult only home he will become the most wonderful companion.


Toby – special needs kitty

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toby-cat Toby, a domestic short haired kitty who is thought to be about 3 years of age, came to the branch from one of our local veterinary surgeons.  He was found as an injured stray by a kind lady who thought he had badly injured his leg and took him to the surgery to be scanned for a microchip and his leg repaired.

However, following examination, it was found that he has a club foot and will always limp and be unable to climb or escape from dangerous situations easily.

He is currently staying with one of our volunteer fosterers where he will receive lots of TLC while he recovers from his neutering operation and until he finds a caring forever family.

Ideally, he will need to live as an indoor cat in a house or apartment, although a well fenced, escape proof garden will be fine as this should keep him out of trouble quite easily.

If you could offer this little boy a loving home please don’t hesitate to text or email us to arrange to meet him.



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patsy-kittie2 Patsy is a lovely old lady who is thought to be about 14 years old.  She has little eyesight, if any, and is getting rather deaf.

As a result we are seeking a retirement home for this little cat where there are no other animals and where the furniture isn’t moved around too often.  Patsy manages really well with her reduced senses and tends to rely on her whisker and sense of smell to get around. She does need to be a house cat as she wouldn’t manage to find her way around the great outdoors.

Her current fosterer has said that “Patsy may be able to see movement and light and shade, but I am pretty sure she’s totally deaf.  Despite this she uses her litter tray and loves to sit on your lap or next to you on the sofa”.

If you could offer Patsy a loving forever home for the remainder of her days we’d love to hear from you.  Even though Patsy is safe in her foster home we are hoping that she finds the family she so needs so that her fosterer can offer a temporary home to another little cat in desperate need.

Please contact the branch for details of our terms when adopting an older animal.


Looey and Lucy

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looeyandlucyclive Looey and Lucy are 8 years old they have been together their whole lives as they are siblings.  They are being rehomed through no fault of there own.   They are litter trained and very loving, they just love coming to see you when you go into their pod

For any more details please ring 07831764631