Animals Rehomed

When animals have settled in their forever home we move their profiles here. It is nice to look back and see those lovely faces knowing they are loved and cared for.

Nosey – Rehomed

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nosey-at-stockport-adoption-centre Nosey is a stunning little girl. She is 6 months old and came from a house with multiple unwanted litters. Her owners were unable to cope and signed her over to the RSPCA.

Nosey got her name from the distinctive stripe she has running down her nose. We think it adds to her charm!  Nosey can be shy at first but she soon relaxes when you spend time with her. Nosey loves a comfy lap. She will hop up, make herself comfortable and then purr contently to show her appreciation. Nosey also has a playful side. She loves chasing stringy toys and when she’s out of her pod she charges around having a whale of a time.

She has lived in a foster home with her siblings so we think she would be fine to live with another cat if introductions were done slowly.  She has been a little nervous of dogs when she has seen them through the window so a dog free home is probably best. We also think she would be best with kids 8+ as sudden movements and loud noises also seem to spook her at times.

Nosey can be seen at the Stockport Adoption Centre in Pets At Home, Stockport.

Lincoln – reserved

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lincolnwilmslow Lincoln is a long haired Chihuahua approximately 4 years old. When you first meet him he is a little scared but once he knows you and gains your trust he is very affectionate.  We would not rehome him with children under 10 due to the fact he is quite timid and frightened at the moment and we think he would not be able to cope with young children.

Ceaser – Reserved

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ceaserwilmslow Ceaser is a very bouncy 12 month old Labrador.  This young man is still a puppy who has not had much training, so he does still pull on the lead and can mouth you but if you say “no” to him he does listen and stops.

We would not rehome him with small children just due to his bouncyness.  Ceaser would suit an active family where someone is at home quite a lot so they can train him.

We would like his adopters to take him to a training class as we are sure that he will soon learn what is expected so that he is welcome wherever he goes.

Dave – Reserved

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davewilmslow Dave is approx 18 months old.  This lively young man is just full of life and needs a family who will give him the exercise he needs.

Dave has come into us through no fault of his own, his last family split up and due to work commitments he was being left for long hours, so Dave does need a family that is not going to leave him for long.

We thing he could be a wheaten terrier x springer spaniel, he is very lively and quite strong on the lead.

He definitely needs a family who enjoy walking.    Dave is a medium sized dog and is not as small as he looks on the photo.

Ray – Rehomed

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raystaffy2 We have let Ray’s current owner tell you all about him and why he is looking for a new home.

Ray is currently in a foster home and living with 3 other dogs.  He gets on with them all really well, he has really settled in.

Ray is around 4-5 years old and is probably a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. He weights around 19.5Kg and is an active healthy dog who is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date with vaccinations. He enjoys the company of other dogs, chasing balls and long walks.  He is loving and positively enjoys being with humans. He is also good with children of all ages and would make a good family pet. Ray has suffered from separation anxiety but whilst he has been in his foster home he is doing really well and is not bothered by his human friends going out.

First posted 8.7.18

The sports’ team – All rehomed

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beth-tweddle-kitten Meet our sports’ team kittens and mum.   This is what their foster parents say about them.  “Mum and kittens were found abandoned behind Decathalon so we decided to give them sporting names. We think there are 5 girls and a boy.

NB: All have now been reserved.

We named mum Jessica Ennis Hill (Jess). She is a lovely cat and settled in immediately letting us pet her within a few hours of fostering her. She has been a lovely pet as she is happy with all of the visitors to the house, letting them stroke and brush her, she is confident and friendly, has let us pick her up , there has been no hissing or scratching and she will make a lovely pet with a calm and friendly nature.

Mum and all the kittens except little Beth have found their forever families.

To meet Beth please send an email and we will send you our perfect match form.

First published 12.8.19




Betty – Reserved

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bettylinda2_ Big daft puppy alert!!


Betty is a big gangly 5 month old cross breed.  She’s got lots of big breeds mixed in there! Mastiff types??
Anyway, she is big and daft and gorgeous. Betty does not have a bad bone in her body.  She is a complete blank canvas waiting for her forever family.


We want Betty to find a home as soon as possible as she is at a crucial time in her development.  She needs to socialise and learn how to behave ( not that she’s naughty. Unfortunately Betty has only known sadness up until now and she has not been treated kindly.


Betty is desperate to please and tries her absolute best to do anything you ask her too. The pictures do not do her justice because she’s still a wriggling puppy.


We are looking for family with someone at home most of the time and a home and garden with plenty of room for Betty who will be a very large dog once she’s fully grown.   This big girl will be fine with children over 8 years of age just because she is such a bouncy pup who could knock little ones over.


Missy – Rehomed

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missy-gsd-2 Missy is a 3 year old German Shepherd who is now desperate for a home to call her own.   Missy came into foster care in quite poor condition and she does need someone who at is home with her quite a lot of the time, as she is desperate to love someone.

This is what her foster family have said about Missy

Missy is looking for a very special family who will have the time and patience to help her adapt to normal life. She is 100% dedicated to who ever she is with at any one time and is very vocal if she can not be in actual contact with you (she does stop if she can’t physically see you after a minute or two.

Unfortunately Missy has not been socialised and can be very guarding of you when other dogs are near. (We just muzzle her when out walking her.)  She is just totally dedicated to the person she is with due to her lack of socialisation.   Missy is very friendly with humans and loves everyone.

We would like to find her a home where someone is home most of time, ideally where children are over 12 (simply due to her size) and where there are no other pets.

Missy needs to be an only dog and we are looking for a home with no other animals because at the moment she does not want to share that special person with other pets, and that special person needs to understand that she may not be completely house trained.

Missy has such a lot to give and just needs someone who is an experienced German shepherd or similar breed owner who will give her lots of patience and kind but firm training so she gains the confidence she needs to blossom.

Barney – Reserved

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barneylinda1_ This is one happy little chap. He’s good on a lead, house trained and very friendly. Barney does like to bark at cats but, if the cat stands it’s ground, Barney runs away! He’s a comical little fella who enjoys being busy when out on a walk. He has to investigate everything but once he’s back home, his favourite spot is on the sofa cuddled up.
Barney needs a home where people understand how spoilt little dogs like to be. We ideally wouldn’t rehome him to a family with small children simply due to his size ( you could easily trip over him.) Barney is only 6 years old so has many many years ahead of him. He is here through no fault of his own and now desperately deserves a second chance of happiness.

Tia – Rehomed

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tiagsd1 Tia is a 4 year old German Shepherd, who has arrived via one of our inspectors.   She is quite thin at the moment although she is starting to put on weight gradually.  She is currently in a foster home where she is doing really well, the fosterers say she will make a lovely addition to the right family

We are looking for an experienced German Shepherd family for Tia, an adult only home or one with older children over 12 years of age.


Theo – rehomed

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max-mastiff-x Theo is still very much a big puppy and not yet one year old.   As a Mastiff cross he is still growing into his paws.    Theo has a shiny black and white coat and we are sure he will turn heads wherever he goes.  He came to the branch to find his forever home via the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.

He is a lovely, friendly, slobbery boy who will be lots of fun for any family who love large dogs.   But because of his size we are looking for and adult only home or one with teenage children as he is still uncoordinated could easily knock smaller children over in his excitement at meeting them.


Zeus – Rehomed

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zeus-cross-with-husky Zeus came to the branch to find a new home having been rescued by one of our RSPCA inspectors from an abusive owner who had videoed himself beating poor Zeus.

Zeus is a lovely, friendly boy of about 2 years of age.   He enjoys games with his kennel staff and really loves playing catch.   However, he does mouth in play having never been taught that it isn’t acceptable and as a result so he needs an adult only home with people who understand his part husky-self.

Boris and Norris – Rehomed

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borisandnorris Boris and Norris are two brothers who came into us as tiny dots, so have done extremely well and are now looking for there special family.   Boris and Norris are now 16 weeks of age and have grown quite a bit now.   Although they are enjoying life in there foster home they really need to find their own place.  They would love a home together.

These cheeky little chappies would brighten up any home.

To meet Boris and Norris please send an email and we will send you our perfect match form.

first post 14.8.19

Sassy has become the official cattery cat

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sassy-tabby-and-white-kitty-3-yrs Sassy has become Bowler’s official cattery cat and now has her perfect home.   She is able to wander about freely and has a lovely cat pen to return to when she feels she needs a rest from patrolling the premises and keeping any pesky rodents away.



First posted April 2019




Kittens – All rehomed

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multi-coloured-kittens-mh We have lots of kittens in foster care at the moment and here are just a few of them.   Most are ready to go to live with their new families.

If you would like to meet these kittens in foster care please send an email for our perfect match form or text or ring the branch on 07954122481 to make an appointment.

Here are just a few of their photos.

With more recent additions in August

Original post 17.7.19


Amber – Rehomed

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Amber is a tortoiseshell girl who would love a home of her very own.  She is estimated to be about 2 years of age and would love to have a new home with a garden to laze about in when it’s sunny and a warm fireside to laze in front of when its cold outside.

If you would like to meet Amber please visit her at Bowler’s Cattery

First posted 17.7.19

Misty – Rehomed

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misty-mum-to-the-flintstones Here is little Misty who has been a great mum to our Flintstone family.   She is not much more than a kitten herself and is now looking for her perfect family.

Little Misty would look at home in the palace of an ancient Egyptian Queen, but all she really wants is a loving family who will treat her well.   At least one of her kittens will grow up to look as regal as Mum.

Misty would be happy as a house cat or one which goes in and out when she likes as long as her family keep her indoors at night.

Misty can now be seen at Bowler’s Cattery


The Flintstone Gang – All rehomed

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fred-kitten Meet Fred, Wilma, Betty, Barney and little Pebbles who are just 8 weeks old and have now started their vaccinations and have been microchipped.   Being typical kittens they are full of fun and mischief and will need a home where there is someone around most of the time while they are so young as they need 4 or 5 meals each day and can very easily get themselves into difficulties exploring their new surroundings.

They are looking forward to finding their very own families and would love to be rehomed in pairs if possible.   Their mum would also like a home soon too.

To meet one of the Flintstones please send an email and we will send you our perfect match form.

First posted 9.8.19


Lila – Rehomed

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lila-foster-cat-4 Lila is a lovely Domestic Short Haired cat who is 6 or 7 years of age.   She was sadly given up by her owner due to a change of circumstances.   Little Lila has always lived indoors so will make an excellent addition to a family or individual who lives on a busy road or has an apartment.

She is bi-lingual and understands English and Italian.

Her foster carer has said that she settled in well right away and is litter trained.   She loves company and is very happy to be safe and well cared for.

To meet Lila please send an email and we will send you our perfect match form.

Three black kittens – Rehomed

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These lovely black kittens can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery where we board some of our kitties.   No appointment is needed to visit them there Monday to Saturday 11am to 3pm but make sure you give yourself plenty of time to decide before the staff have to close up.