Animals Rehomed

When animals have settled in their forever home we move their profiles here. It is nice to look back and see those lovely faces knowing they are loved and cared for.


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icewilmslow Ice is 10 years old and is a very sweet dog.  Enjoys walks and is good with people and other dogs.

For further enquiries and viewing please ring 07811 404346

Toby – Rehomed

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toby-cat Toby, a domestic short haired kitty who is thought to be about 3 years of age, came to the branch from one of our local veterinary surgeons.  He was found as an injured stray by a kind lady who thought he had badly injured his leg and took him to the surgery to be scanned for a microchip and his leg repaired.

However, following examination, it was found that he has a club foot and will always limp and be unable to climb or escape from dangerous situations easily.  He will be fine as an indoor cat or one which is allowed into a secure garden for a short while.

He is now changing every day.  At first he hid away from his fosterer for a few days and now he is coming out of his shell and becoming more confident. He has settled down and is becoming a loving little cat who will make a great addition to any family.

He has now recovered from his operation and has moved into Bowler’s Cattery where he will be able to meet more potential adopters.

He will receive his second vaccinations on Wednesday 11th April and will then go to the Bowler’s cattery where he can be seen by more people and perhaps someone will offer him a loving home.

First posted 13.3.18


Cesar – Rehomed

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cesar1 Cesar is a 5 year old Doberman.  Cesar came into our care like a skeleton and a very old wound on one of his hind legs.  Now with his fosterer’s love and lots of TLC he now weighs a healthy 37kg.  His leg no longer has any bandages on it and is slowly getting better.

Cesar is a gentleman through and through, he loves all people and dogs.  We have not seen a nasty bone in his body, but we have to admit if you leave food lying around too long you would not find the food only Cesar licking his lips.  He now needs a forever home

Arwen – Rehomed

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Arwen Arwen, who is a 5 year old Alaskan Malamute cross, came to the branch with her 2 week old puppies, along with Kiara.  She will be neutered once her milk has completely dried up.  Arwen is a very loving lady who just loves to be with you

Both Arwen and Kiara came from the same unsuitable home where both had been used as breeding machines and in previous years all the puppies and mums had struggled to get enough to eat and were never clean.

Arwen is looking for that special person to make her future bright.  A home, with no cats or other small furries, where she will be the only much loved companion.

An adult only family is needed for Arwen, or one with children over 8 years of age, simply due to her size, as she could easily knock or pull a smaller child over is essential as is one with experience of her breed or other large independent dogs.

Please read up about the breed’s needs and care before contacting the branch to express your interest in meeting her.


Kiara – Rehomed

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mal-mum-1 Kiara, who is a 5 year old Alaskan Malamute, came into branch care with her puppies when they were only about 3 weeks of age.  She has been a lovely mum and all her puppies have now been reserved and will be going to their new homes this week.

Poor Kiara has been used a breeding machine giving birth to numerous litters and struggling to feed them properly due to lack of food, worming and fresh air.  Thankfully, her current litter was rescued early enough to find that they didn’t have to fight for food as they were weaned and Kiara actually managed to gain weight while nursing her 5 little ones.

She is very people friendly and although she has lived with several other dogs, she really needs a loving family home where she will be the only furry family member and one where she won’t be left alone while her humans are out at work all day.  Kara just wants to be with people and loves to sit on your feet

She will not be rehomed to families with children under 8 years of age simply due to her size as she could easily knock small humans over.


Aztec and Inca kittens – Rehomed

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Aztec and Inca are 9 weeks of age and ready to find their very own caring new family.  They came to the branch with their mum who was a stray and have been carefully brought up by one of our volunteer fosterers.

So that they can meet prospective adopters they can now be seen at Bowler’s cattery.

Spot – Rehomed

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Spot is a lovely, 8 month old, all black little cat with just one white spot on his chest.

He is very friendly and is looking forward to starting his new life with you.

He can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery


Bongo – Rehomed

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Poor, terrified Bongo is only 2 years old and has experienced such a lot of cruelty during those years that he is afraid of loud noises and most people.

He is coming round slowly in the cattery but really needs that special person to take him under their wing and give him the time he needs to become the confident loving cat he he was meant to be.

If you think that you could offer this terrified little boy the life he deserves please visit him at Bowler’s cattery

Queen – Rehomed

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Queen is about 3 to 4 years of age and has come to the branch to find a new home due to her owner’s ill-health.

She would love a family to take her home and give her the care and joy she so desperately needs.

Queen can be seen at Bowler’s cattery

Socks – Rehomed

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Socks is one of the friendliest, little cats you could wish to meet.  He can’t wait to greet his visitors and runs up to the front of his pen whenever he hears voices and the cattery door opening.

Socks is about 4 years old and can’t wait to start his wonderful new life with his very own forever family.

Socks can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery

Betty – Rehomed

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Betty came to the branch to find a new family, having suffered much cruelty in her previous home.

As a result at only 18 months old she is afraid of almost everything she experiences.

She may never become a confident little girl but in the right family she will become a lovely but timid companion.

If you are that special person who can give little Betty the space and time she needs please visit her at Bowler’s cattery.

Frog – Rehomed

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Frog was left all alone when his owner became too ill to care for home.

He is only 12 months old and a very unhappy kitty who can’t understand why his world has fallen apart.

He will take some time to regain his confidence, but with patience and lots of TLC he will make someone a lovely companion.

Frog can be seen at Bowler’s cattery

Shadow – Rehomed

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Shadow was found as a stray having been abandoned by her previous owners at only 6 months of age.

She is a very friendly little girl who is longing for a loving family to come along and take her home.

Shadow can be found at Bowler’s cattery

Bobby – Rehomed

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Bobby came to the branch when his owners moved house and just dumped him in their garden.

They didn’t come back for him and, until some kind neighbours reported his sad plight to the RSPCA, he found that living all alone was frightening.

However, he is now safe in Bowler’s Cattery and hopes that someone will come along and offer him a caring, forever home and family of his very own.


Malamute cross puppies – all Rehomed

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mal-x-husky-now The branch would like to thank everyone who has expressed an interest in adopting one of these puppies.   We received many more requests than we have puppies who needed loving new families and would ask people to keep looking for their special rescued puppy or adult dog.

If, for any reason, these potential adoptions don’t progress we will get in touch with everyone who has sent their details again.


We have a litter of Malamute cross Husky puppies in branch care who will be ready to go to live with there new families in about 2 weeks.

They came to us via our inspectors along with mum at 2-3 weeks of age because they weren’t being cared for properly.  As you can see from the photos taken at various stages of their short little lives they have done really well since coming to us.  They will be ready to go to their new homes in a couple of weeks’ time.

Mum will be looking for a home of her own too, once she’s been neutered in 2 or 3 months.

Please see our adoption policies HERE


Dizzy – Rehomed by family

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dizzy-cat Dizzy is a 5 year old black and white little girl, who has come to the branch to find a caring new home as her elderly owner has had to go into residential care and cannot take poor Dizzy with her.

Needless to say this lovely, friendly girl is finding life very confusing at the moment and really needs her very own special person to offer her a forever new home.

If you could find it in your heart to take Dizzy into your family please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Patch – Rehomed

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patchnewgate Patch is an 11 year old Jack russell, but anyone who knows the breed knows that that is not old for them   Unfortunately Patch’s owner passed away so he is feeling a little sad.

Patsy – Rehomed

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patsy-kittie2 Patsy is a lovely old lady who is thought to be about 14 years old.  She has little eyesight, if any, and is getting rather deaf.

As a result we are seeking a retirement home for this little cat where there are no other animals and where the furniture isn’t moved around too often.  Patsy manages really well with her reduced senses and tends to rely on her whisker and sense of smell to get around. She does need to be a house cat as she wouldn’t manage to find her way around the great outdoors.

Her current fosterer has said that “Patsy may be able to see movement and light and shade, but I am pretty sure she’s totally deaf.  Despite this she uses her litter tray and loves to sit on your lap or next to you on the sofa”.

If you could offer Patsy a loving forever home for the remainder of her days we’d love to hear from you.  Even though Patsy is safe in her foster home we are hoping that she finds the family she so needs so that her fosterer can offer a temporary home to another little cat in desperate need.

Please contact the branch for details of our terms when adopting an older animal.

first posted 6.1.18


Purdy Lurcher – Rehomed

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purdy-lurcher-5 Purdy came to the branch to find her forever family via one of our Inspectors at the begining of the year. She is two and a half years of age and a typical, medium sized, lurcher of about 24 inches to her shoulder. Purdy definitely has greyhound or whippet in her make up but what else is anyone’s guess.

Purdy is an excellent jumper and VERY fast so we think that she may enjoy agility.  But she would need a confident, experienced agility home, as she does like to play with her doggy friends.

Please visit this rescue website which has excellent advice for potential Lurcher owners.

She had never lived in house but she quickly became clean in her foster home, and is enjoying life and regaining her mischievous puppy hood. She has a happy, bouncy nature and loves to steal shoes etc. but doesn’t object to them being taken from her as it’s all just just a game to this funny little girl. Her new family should also be aware that she is a bit of a “counter surfer” so food items shouldn’t be left out on the kitchen worktops.

Purdy is currently living with another dog and gets on well with him and is good with other dogs she meets of all sizes. As she is quite strong on her collar and lead she currently wears a dogmatic head collar.

Even though Purdy was a non-chaser in her previous home, we are looking for a cat and small animal free home and one with or without children over 8 years of age and where she won’t be left alone for more than short time.

Sighthound experience would be an advantage.

First posted 7.1.18

Ben – Reserved

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benfoxterrier1_ Ben is an 8 year old Fox Terrier.  Even though he is middle aged Ben still enjoys going for a nice long walk and a long snooze after.  He is currently in a foster home where he is having lots of TLC