Animals Rehomed

When animals have settled in their forever home we move their profiles here. It is nice to look back and see those lovely faces knowing they are loved and cared for.

Lottie – Rehomed

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poppystaffy2_ Lottie is approx a 5 year old Staffy, she is currently in a foster home where she is described as a Staffy with a huge personality. She is in our care through no fault of her own, her owners were unable to take her with them when they moved house and made the heartbreaking decision to let us find her a new forever home.

Lottie is totally happy and very enthusiastic about everything.  She has learned very quickly how to walk on a lead and has stopped jumping up (so very quick to learn)  She is totally house trained and doesn’t chew.  Unfortunately Lottie has not been fully socialised, meaning she is a little scared around other dogs.  Ideally she would need to find a home where she could be an only dog.

She is a very affectionate girl who loves to play and be cuddled.  Lottie is now ready to find her forever home

First published 13.4.19

Rupert – chow chow – Rehomed

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bty Rupert is a chow chow and is about 5 years old.   He came to us to find his forever new home when his previous owner could no longer care for him.  He is lovely with everything he meets, there is nothing that phases Rupert we cannot praise him enough.  He is currently in a foster home where he is house trained and enjoying his trips around the block, where he loves sniffing at every blade of grass.  Rupert does have a few joint problems but our vet has said to just use over the counter joint aid products, he is not struggling getting up and down and is happy to potter about.

Rupert is very easy going and is thoroughly enjoying his life.  He would suit someone who themselves wants a slower pace of life and is happy to take him for a potter everyday and then come home for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Sweetie Pie – Rehomed

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sweetiepie__0 Sweetie Pie is approximately 2 years old  and has been used as a breeding bitch.

There was no other name that could suit this little sweet dog better and she is now ready to find her forever family.

Unfortunately, Sweetie hasn’t had a very good life up until now. She has been made to have several litters of puppies and wasn’t cared for properly. Despite all this Sweetie has made a remarkable recovery. She is learning to walk on a lead and is enjoying exploring a world she never knew existed. She is learning to trust humans and loves fuss, love and attention. Sweetie is happy to be handled but does need to be reassured that everything is ok. Due to her restricted life Sweetie is very nervous of new dogs, but once introduced, she is happy to be around them and would probably benefit from living with another dog to help her confidence. She is totally fine with cats and even lets them curl up and sleep with her!

We do think Sweetie would be better living in a home where someone is home most of the time so she can catch up on the love and attention she deserves. Because of her lack of confidence, we feel Sweetie would not be suitable for a family with small children simply due to her nervousness of loud noises and fast movements.

This sweet little girl just wants to be with someone, sat on their knee and enjoying life.   Her puppies have all found new homes now so it is now time for Sweetie Pie to find her forever home.   She needs a home with no small children because she is not used to little ones running about

Scrappy – Rehomed

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scrappy-5-yrs-kitty_0 Scrappy is a lovely girl of about 5 years of age.   She was taken to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital by the RSPCA inspector who rescued her from a life on the streets.

She will make a lovely, gentle companion for a family who would like a slightly more mature lady to make their home complete.

She can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery


Alfie – Rehomed

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henryacapooch1_ Alfie is approximately 18 months old so he is still a puppy albeit a big puppy.  He is currently in a foster home where they cannot believe just what a big soft thing he is.  His fosterers have described him as a lovely gentleman, but he does snore and drool.  Alfie is house trained and is currently being walked on a head collar which stops him from pulling.  When he sees another dog he does get excited and forgets how big he is so he does need some training classes, but he is very clever and does soon learn.  He loves children but because of his size we would not rehome him with young children

Alfie needs someone who is used to big dogs, and is prepared to carry on with his training.  He is just a big cuddly bear who needs a family who will show him plenty of love and he will certainly give lots back.

first published Oct 2018

Inky – Rehomed

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inky-6mth-kitty Inky is a 6 month old little boy with a shiny black coat.   Like all kittens he loves to play and rush around before snoozing the afternoon away.   If you would like to meet this brilliantly, friendly boy he can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery.

Popeye – Rehomed

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popey-2-yr-kitty-one-ey Popeye is a 2 year old, friendly, black and white boy who has come to the branch from the RSPCA’s Animal Hospital in Salford.    He had not had his eye treated and the infection was so severe that the only way to relieve him of the pain was to have his eye removed.

Having only one eye doesn’t mean that he needs special care but he would be safer as an indoor cat nowadays.

To meet Popeye, please visit Bowler’s Cattery.

Ivy – Rehomed

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ivy-kitty Ivy is a young adult kitty who is thought to be between 2 and 3 years of age.   She will make a lovely addition to any family but will need time to settle into home life where she is loved and cared for.

Ivy can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery

Cloudy – Rehomed

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cloudy-kitty-blue-male-3yr Cloudy came to the branch to find a caring new home when his owner could no longer look after him.  He is approximately 3 years old and his coat is a lovely blue shade of grey.

Cloudy is looking for his forever home where he will be loved and cared for.

He can be seen at Bowler’s Cattery.

Millie – Rehomed

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millie-x-frenchi-3 This is little Millie who was left all alone in a flat when her owners moved out.   She is approximately 5 – 6 months of age and probably has French Bulldog and some sort of terrier in her mix.

Millie is currently in foster care where she is loving life with her new friends, dogs, cats and lots of walks with her human foster mum.

She is looking for a home where her recently acquired house training will be continued.  So someone at home most of the time is essential for this little girl as living in a flat meant that she missed out on this.

Her foster family say “she is such a star and will make a lovely addition to any family”.   So, if you have dog a dog confident cat or another dog, or even both, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment to meet this wonderful little survivor.




Fluffy crossbreed puppies – all rehomed

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4-x-crossbreed-fluffy-puppies We have a litter of 2 girls and 2 boys who are now almost 8 weeks old.   They are going to be small and fluffy and cream to caramel in colour.

These babies are looking for families with children over 5 years of age or adult only homes and where there will be someone at home most of the time.

Socialisation is really important so that these pups will grow into confident, well adjusted little dogs.   So, even before they are fully vaccinated, it will be great if you can carry them around to get used to traffic, the great outdoors, meeting other animals and people of all ages.

The are currently in foster care so you should email the branch and ask for our perfect match form which should be returned before we are able to arrange a meeting.

We will also be looking for a home for mum very soon.   She is thought to be about 2 to 3 years old.

Missy- Rehomed

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missy-bichon-x Missy is approximately 15 months old and is looking for her forever home.   She is a Bichon Frise who is currently in kennels where her staff say that “Missy is a lovely little girl who loves people and gets on well with other friendly dogs”.

Despite her small size, Missy will need walking at least twice a day and a safe garden to play in.   She will also need regular trips a groomer and to be combed and brushed every day between visits to her hairdresser.

We are looking for a family with older children or an adult only home for Missy, where there is someone at home most of the time.

Lola – Rehomed

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bty Lola is a Mastiff type female dog approximately 2 years old.  Sadly, she has had quite a lot of puppies in her short life so it is now time for Lola to start to live life for herself.

She is very friendly girl who just loves having her belly tickled.   We think that Lola has possibly not seen much of the world, so her new family needs to understand that she needs time a patience for her to get used to everything.

Lola is a thick set lady but with small legs and she does have some pulling power. However with a two point harness and enrollment at her adopters’ local training school we feel that this will be manageable.

We are looking for an experienced large dog family for Lola and an adult only home or one with children over 12 years of age simply due to her size.

First posted: 1.3.19

Rupert – Reserved

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rupertmastiff4 Rupert is  2 year old Mastiff cross weighing in at 38kg so he is not small.  This young man has spent quite a lot of his time on his own, and now needs a family who are going to show him that there is a lot of life to live.

Rupert currently in foster care on a farm and this is what his foster family have to say about him.

“Do not judge a book by its cover!!
This is one big soft lump. He does not have a bad bone in his body. He loves everything. Rupert is a big lovable bear.  BUT -

  • His size has made finding him a family hard
  • Rupert did have a very bad habit of pulling when on a lead but, thanks to his new fan-dangled harness, this is a problem of the past.
  • Poor Rupert has been with us for months and desperately needs his own family. (He’s watched all the other dogs get chosen and leave. He can’t understand why he never gets picked)
  • Rupert needs a family with older children ( due to his size)
  • A family that have a warm house ( he likes to be warm)
  • A family that don’t mind loud snoring ( it’s bad!!)
  • A family with a large sofa! ( he likes to be comfy)
  • A family that likes slobbery kisses ( he’s very affectionate)”

Rupert is still only young and has endless amounts of love to give.  He adores attention and fuss he is desperate for the right family too come along and let him join their family

First posted 26.12.18

Murphy – Rehomed

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murphylablinda4_ Murphy is a 14 month old yellow Labrador.  This young man is a lovely nature but in desperate need of some training, he is extremely strong and needs someone who knows the breed and is prepared to put in the training.   Murphy has now been neutered but he is still very lively and when he came into us he just wanted to say hello to everyone very amourously.   We would not rehome Murphy with anyone with young children because he will knock them over

Tom – Rehomed

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Digital Camera Tom is a neutered male cat approx 18 months old.  He came into branch care from a local vet who asked if we could find him a new home.

Tom is currently in a foster home where he is litter trained and is recovering very well from having to have an eye removed, but this is not bothering him in any way.  Tom has now had his stitches out and is proving what a lovely house guest he is.

He loves sitting on the back of the settee watching the world go by and would benefit from an indoor home where he can continue his hobby of watching the world go by.

Ollie – Rehomed

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ollie This is Ollie who is a terrier cross, and just 6 months old.

His foster carer says “Ollie is absolutely gorgeous.  He loves fuss and attention and is a very quick learner.  But, adopters need to understand that he is only a pup so he’s full of energy!

Unfortunately, Ollie hasn’t had the best environment to live in up until now and this means his training has had to be started from scratch.

Anyone adopting Ollie into their family will be blessed with a cheeky chap who just makes you smile. There’s nothing to not like about him”.

If you would like to meet Ollie please send us an email and we will send you our perfect match form by return.   Or, leave your email or home address including Ollie’s name on our answerphone – 07954122481

Albi – Rehomed

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albiwilmslowyorkie1 Albi is nearly 4 and a Yorkishire Terrier. He can be nervous until he knows you. Loves company and doesn’t like being left alone.   We think he would suit an active family who have another dog.

For further information on this lovely dog please ring 07811404346


Annabelle – Rehomed

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annabelle-18-wks-4 Meet Annabelle, a lurcher, who is now 18 weeks old. She was thrown out by her family along with the post Christmas rubbish. Luckily for this little girl she was spotted by a member of the public who called the RSPCA and was rescued by one of our inspectors.

She is currently living with a foster family and is now house-trained and healthy. Annabelle will be suitable for families with dog savvy children over 8 years of age or an adult only home.

Annabelle is a lovely girl and would be able to live with another friendly dog but very careful introductions will need to be made if there is a family cat or other small furries in the home.

Please be sure to read our adoption policies before contacting the branch by email or leave a voicemail message including a contact email and/or phone number.

First posted: 30.12.18





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nellcat Nell is approx 1 year old.   She is currently in a foster home where her foster mum has told us that she would be a lovely addition to any family.   She is litter trained and really enjoys a cuddle