Animals Rehomed

When animals have settled in their forever home we move their profiles here. It is nice to look back and see those lovely faces knowing they are loved and cared for.

Albi – Rehomed

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albiwilmslowyorkie1 Albi is nearly 4 and a Yorkishire Terrier. He can be nervous until he knows you. Loves company and doesn’t like being left alone.   We think he would suit an active family who have another dog.

For further information on this lovely dog please ring 07811404346


Annabelle – Rehomed

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annabelle-18-wks-4 Meet Annabelle, a lurcher, who is now 18 weeks old. She was thrown out by her family along with the post Christmas rubbish. Luckily for this little girl she was spotted by a member of the public who called the RSPCA and was rescued by one of our inspectors.

She is currently living with a foster family and is now house-trained and healthy. Annabelle will be suitable for families with dog savvy children over 8 years of age or an adult only home.

Annabelle is a lovely girl and would be able to live with another friendly dog but very careful introductions will need to be made if there is a family cat or other small furries in the home.

Please be sure to read our adoption policies before contacting the branch by email or leave a voicemail message including a contact email and/or phone number.

First posted: 30.12.18




Gizmo – Reserved

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bdr Gizmo is approx 6 years old Shitzu cross.   He is currently living in a foster home, where his foster mum says he is a lovely dog and companion.   He really enjoys a walk and a snuffle about.  Gizmo even though he is living with another dog at the moment would be better as an only dog, he does not really have much to do with other dogs.  We would not rehome him wih small children due to the fact he is not keen on little hands coming out so quickly to say hello

Tiny – Rehomed

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tinywilmslow Tiny has come into our care through no fault of her own.  She is 13 years old and is a really sweet older lady who is desperately looking for her retirement home.   She does need to eat a special renal diet which is slightly more expensive but at present that is all she needs, she is very bright and thoroughly enjoys her walks, but after her walk she also is quite fond of her bed, preferably infront of the fire. She really is the sweetest dog and would make someone a lovely companion

For further information on Tiny please ring 07811404346

Tucker – Rehomed

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tucker Tucker is a lovely, friendly Rottweiler cross and at just over 12 months old, still very much a puppy.  Despite already weighing 45 kg he probably still has some growing to do!

We have been asked to find him a loving home due to a change in his previous owners’ circumstances and increased working hours, which mean that he is being left to his own devices for far too many hours.  Tucker will need taking to training classes and a family with extra large dog experience and where there is someone at home most of the time.

We are looking for an adult only family or one with older children over 10 years of age, simply due to his size and bouncy nature as he could easily knock younger ones over.

If you love big, soppy, dogs and would like to meet him with a view to adoption please don’t hesitate to contact us.

First posted 4.11.18

Missy – Rehomed

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missy-bc-x-3Missy is a 2 year old Crossbreed.  She is a Collie cross Shar pei, but she definitely has all the Collie traits. Missy at the moment is very nosy and is amazed at all the new things that are going on around her.  She does need a family who understands the Collie side of her.

Poor Missy wasn’t doing well in kennels and lost quite a bit of weight simply through stress.   Luckily one of our volunteer fosterers has a space for her and she is beginning to settle into her temporary life in a home.

If you would like to meet Missy please don’t hesitate to contact the branch.

First posted on 9.12.18

Diesel – Reserved

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bty Diesel is a very active 8 month old pup.  He came into our care because the previous owners dogs would not accept him.  They said he is a Labrador cross Spaniel.  Diesel is very affectionate, is good with other dogs and just wants to have a good time.   He would suit a family that is quite active and is prepared to carry on his training

Tasha – Reserved

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tashacrossbreed This incredible young lady is only 9 months old but is a really lovely dog.  She loves people is good with other dogs and knows quite a few commands.   Even though she is still a puppy she behaves really well and will be a joy to add to anyone’s family.

Sage – Rehomed

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sageamerican1 Sage is approx 6 years old American Bulldog.  Because of her owners illness we have been asked to rehome Sage again.  Sage is a lovely dog but still thinks she is a puppy sometimes, she loves other dogs especially small ones and is great with cats.   Because of her past history Sage finds life outside her home quite scarry so things have to be taken very carefully.   Her owner walks her either early in the morning are late at night.

Jasper – Rehomed

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jasper-jrt-2 Jasper, a slightly older gentleman of 13, seeks soft comfy sofa to enjoy retirement on and human slaves to wait on him hand and foot while he watches daytime television.

Humans must be able to endure loud snoring and many sleeps.  The human must be willing to provide soft food, ideal hand delivered.

In exchange for these services you will be repaid with excellent house manners, impeccable lead behaviour and the odd grunt of thanks.

For further information on Jasper please ring 07811404346

Rosa – Reserved

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rosagdane2 Rosa is a 6 year old Great Dane who has come into our care due to her owners’ change of circumstances.  This beautiful lady needs a family who understand large breeds and their needs.

If you think that you could offer this lovely older girl a loving forever home please don’t hesitate to ring 07811404346 to learn more about Rosa.

Rio – rehomed

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bty Rio is a Staffy we are not sure how old he is but we are saying 8 years up.  He came into branch care with a severe flea allergy which is being treated while he is in a foster home. He is loving having lots of attention and his foster mum says he is the perfect house guest.

Rio is house trained, walks nicely on the lead, prefers to ignore other dogs and his most favourite thing of all is to be cuddled up on the settee with you.  Even though he is older he still enjoys a walk and gets really excited when he knows he is going out.

Rio is a lovely dog and just wants a home where someone will love him as much as he will love you.


Pasha our 3 legged cat – Rehomed

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pasha3legcat_ Pasha is a young cat who has just recently lost one of her front legs.  She was found with an extremely bad fracture which unfortunately had been left for too long, that is why she is still wearing her cone.  This young lady is currently in a foster home and her foster mum says she is very loving and is doing brilliant without her leg.   She enjoys her cuddles and especially enjoys her head being tickled.  Pasha fosterer says she will be such a lovely addition to any family

Daisy – Rehomed

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daisywithlinda1 Daisy is a small 6 year old Terrier cross.  Daisy is a typical terrier, very nosey and wants to be into everything, and know why things are being done and can she join in.   Daisy loves nothing more than being sat on someone’s knee taking everything in and if she could speak she would be telling everyone what they should be doing.


Chance – Rehomed

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chance-saluki-x Chance is a 12 month old Saluki lurcher and this is what he says:

“Hi, I’m Chance and my kennel staff tell me that I’m a lovely boy.   I love to race around the paddock and like lots of fuss and attention.

Everyone says how graceful I am when a trot along on the lead but they stand around in amazement when they see just how fast I can run.

I’d like a family who understands my breed as I’m not the sort of hound who walks with my nose stuck to my human’s knee.  Once I learn that you are family,  I will be able to be let off the lead, but until you know that I’ll come back to you this should only be done in an safe area, or I may vanish over the next hill before you have turned around.

I like to meet people, but can be a bit shy at first, although once I’ve met strangers a few times I like to lean into them to be petted.

I’m looking for home with a well fenced large garden as I love to race around and I can jump quite high.

Because I’m a very bouncy boy at the moment I need to be in a family with older children as I could easily knock little ones down.  So over 8s who are kind and gentle to their dogs please, or an adult only home would be great too.”

Because we do not know what Chance is like with small furries, to be on the safe side, we are saying no cats or other small animals such as rabbits and/or guinea pigs.

We recommend The House Lurcher for those who would like to read more about this fascinating breed.

For further information on Chance please ring 07811404346

Alfi – Rehomed

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alfi-crossbreed-3 Alfi is an 8 year old Crossbreed. He will make a wonderful family dog as he loves people of all ages but we are looking for families with older children for this lovely middle aged boy.

All Alfi wants to do is to be with you.   He needs someone who has time to spend giving him attention and lots of cuddles.

Alfi is good with other dogs and enjoys his walks.

For further information on Alfi please ring 07811404346

Bruce – Rehomed

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brucewilmslow2 Bruce is an 8 year old Shih Tzu.  He is a very loving and would still like to go for shorter walks, and then when he comes home a drink and a biscuit.

For further information on Bruce please ring 07811404346


Twinkle and Sparkle – Rehomed

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twinkle-kitten We have 2 kittens looking for a farm / stable home.

They have been living independently under a garden shed.   Since being with us, they have accepted humans provide food and do allow some contact but are not suitable for family homes. They are neutered, wormed and flead.

Both use litter trays and are spotlessly clean and we would like them to find a home together so they can keep each other company.

Advice will be given on introducing outdoor cats to their new homes.


Ben – Rehomed

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bencolliecross This is Ben, a sheep dog cross, he is the happiest dog ever!  He loves meeting everyone and everything.

What’s great and not so great about Ben.

Ben is still very much a big, daft, clumsy pup so probably not suitable for families with young children.

He has boundless energy and is super clever, he only needs to be shown things once so would make a brilliant fly ball, agility dog.

Ben needs a very active home.  Although he hasn’t shown any aggression towards cats, he does think they would be great fun to chase.

Ben’s perfect family would be outdoor, active people with time and patience to teach him how to control his energy. ( training classes may be useful )

Ben has been left to grow up without stimulation, meaning he does have some silly bad habits such as jumping up.

We wouldn’t advise him going to a home where he will he left for long periods of time, he needs someone to be home most the time with him, or access to doggy daycare.

Ben just needs to learn it’s time to grow up!

In exchange for your time and patience, Ben will reward you with endless love and loyalty.

He is by far the happiest dog ever!

Bella – Rehomed

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bellamaltese1 Bella is 6 yr old Maltese Terrier. She does need an adult house or with older children. She is a typical terrier and doesn’t want to be a lap dog, Bella enjoys her long walks.  We are being asked to rehome Bella because of a bereavement.

For further enquiries and viewing please ring 07811 404346