Animals Rehomed

When animals have settled in their forever home we move their profiles here. It is nice to look back and see those lovely faces knowing they are loved and cared for.

Lucy Locket and kittens (all kittens now rehomed)

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lucy-and-kittens-at-4-weeks-old Meet our wonderful mother cat and her 4 kittens (10 weeks old on Saturday 3rd October) who are looking for loving homes.  Firstly a family photo when they first arrived at their foster home.

Just pass your cursor over their photos below to find out who’s who.

Mum is Lucy Locket, a beautiful, gentle, loving and extremely cuddly young lady who has raised her four kittens so well in their foster home.  She will be looking for a new family once she has been neutered.

The kittens – all rehomed

Zeke “is a beautiful boy, who is a play hard, sleep hard type of guy and the biggest of the litter.   Despite this he loves to cuddle up to his foster mum.  He is just a beautiful bundle of love and quite crazy when the mood takes him.”

Gizmo, is a teeny, tiny, terror.   He is so adorable and has the sweetest nature.   He purrs at the slightest touch, but don’t be fooled, he has his mad moments.  He loves his zoomies and to play.

George “is the gentlest and softest of the bunch.   He’s a bit of a loner compared to the others and likes to play and snuggle his fosterers”

Mickey “is very sweet and cuddly, as soon as you sit down he is there for cuddles”

We are looking for homes where there is someone at home most of the time for the kittens who can easily get in trouble if there is no one around to rescue them.   Families should be adult only or have children over 5 years of age.

If you are interested in adopting one or two of these lovely kitties please send an email for our perfect match form.











Molly – Rehomed

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molly-sbt Sadly, Molly’s adoption wasn’t successful as she needed to have all her adopters’ attention and wouldn’t let their older dog have her usual loving relationship with her family.   As a result we will not rehome Molly to a family with another dog or dogs.

Her adopters say that despite everything Molly is wonderful with people and even other dogs when out on her walks and are very upset that this adoption hasn’t worked out as apart from her jealousy Molly was so good in the home.

Her kennel staff said that she is a lovely, girl who can be a bit shy at first, but soon comes round.   Having been in care for so long she has been having lots of training sessions which have been brilliant as she is so keen to learn new things, such as sit, stay, wait, find it, spin, go through your legs and lots of other fun commands too.   In fact she will be a joy for any family whether it’s an adult only home or one with older children of 10 years plus and where there is someone at home most of the time.

As with many rescued dogs she will need some time to settle into her family’s routine and will tend to pace and need lots of attention during her first few weeks before she begins to realise that this lovely family and home are forever. See the rule of 3

If you would like to meet Molly please ring Pat on 07811404346

First published July 2020.

Minnie – Rehomed

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Digital Camera Minnie came to the branch to find a caring new family due to her owner being taken into long term care.   Minnie is a Domestic Short Haired (DSH) lady who is thought to be about 3 or 4 years of age.

She has spent several months in foster care while a suspicious lump was investigated and removed successfully by our local veterinary surgeons once lock down was eased.  Luckily for little Minnie the biopsy results confirmed that this was benign and thought to be the result of a bite not being treated at the time when she was wandering her old neighbourhood.

Now her beautiful tortoiseshell coat has regrown this little friendly girl is ready to meet her new family.

Her fosterer says “Minnie is very affectionate, likes her home comforts, has a good appetite and always uses her litter tray. I believe she’d be suitable for a family with sensible children probably over 6 years old as I’ve never seen her become angry and aggressive like many cats can. She is a quite passive and has a lovely temperament.”

If you would like to arrange to meet Minnie with a view to adoption please send us an email and we will be pleased to send you our perfect match form by return.

Dotty – Rehomed

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dotty-kitten-2 Dotty, who is now 5 months old came into branch foster care with her mum and sister.   She has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

Her fosterers say she is a lovely, friendly and fun little kitten.    Her sister has gone to her new home and Dotty is now ready to meet her own forever family.

If you would like to meet her please send an email and we will send you our perfect match form.

Bella – Rehomed

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Bella is a lovely kitty who gave birth to her kittens when she wasn’t even 12 months old.   She was a lovely mum, but the person who took her in as a stray couldn’t keep her and her two remaining kittens who are now 5 months old.

This little family came into foster care and one of the kittens has already found a loving new family to call her own.

If you would like to adopt Bella please don’t hesitate to email the branch and we will send you our perfect match form.


Ruby – forever foster home found

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ruby-in-her-foster-home   Ruby’s lovely foster family sent us this photo.   Ruby, as you can see loves her new bed next to a warm radiator for her old bones when it gets a bit chillier overnight.

More about Ruby whose elderly owner has very sadly died.   Ruby is 14 years of age and has been in kennels for 5 weeks while her owner was in hospital, we have now been asked if we can find a caring home for Ruby.

Because of Ruby’s advanced age we are looking for a fosterer who will care for her until the end of her days.   The branch will cover all veterinary costs and give her foster carers ongoing support.

If you would like to find out more about fostering Ruby for the branch and live in or very near the branch area so that she can be seen by one of our local veterinary practices please contact us via email or text 07954122481 and we will send you our forms and information leaflets by post or return email.


Lila – Rehomed

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lila-ambull-wilmslow-2 Meet Lila, an American Bulldog who is approximately 4 years old.   Her kennel staff say she has a lovely nature but will need an adult only home or one with older teenagers as she could easily knock younger ones over.

Lila needs a family who are used to bigger dogs and have had similar breeds before and who are willing to take her to a good training school where she will do very well as she does like to please her humans.

Lila is fine with other dogs, but we wouldn’t rehome her to a family who have a cat.

If you are interested finding out more and perhaps arrange to meet Lila please ring Pat on 07811404346

First published 13.5.20

Pippa – Rehomed

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pippa-terrier Pippa is a lovely Jack Russell Terrier cross who has come to the branch to find a loving new homes through no fault of her own but due to her owners’ change of circumstances which mean that Pippa can no longer be walked.

She is a typical terrier and likes to do things her way, so a family with terrier experience is a must.

No cats or other small animals for this girl (for their own protection) and we feel she would be best as an only dog as she can be choosy about her friends.

If you would like to know more about sweet Pippa please  ring Pat on 07811404346

First posted 26.5.20


7 Puppies – all rehomed

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MAUDE Hi, I’m Maude and I’ve been asked to speak for all my brothers and sisters, so I’ll do my very best,

“We are 7 puppies who were brought to the branch by a person in a uniform, we didn’t know at the time that she was one of the RSPCA’s inspectors,  but she thought we needed some fresh air and sunshine to grow up big and strong.   We were brought to a lovely place where our kennel staff say we are beautiful, lively little girls and boys who won’t be little for very long as we are growing ‘like weeds’.

“Our mamma was sad to see us leave her, but she told us that the RSPCA would find us the best homes we could ask for, where we won’t be frightened and have lots and lots of exciting walks and adventures.

“We would love a family who have had Rottweilers or American Bulldogs or similar BIG, strong dogs before so that they will know what to expect from such large, bouncy puppies as we are.  As we are going to be on the large size we’ll need plenty of walks and we’ve been promised that we will soon be old enough to go to school with our new humans to learn how to become ‘model’ citizens.”

If you would like to learn more about us and perhaps arrange to meet us please ring our carer in chief, Pat on 07811404346



Nancy – Rehomed

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Nancy was signed over to the RSPCA and came into branch care to find a caring new home via the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.

She will need regular grooming to keep her lovely long locks in good condition.

She will be able to be seen once the cattery’s lockdown is over.

Murphy – Rehomed

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Murphy is estimated to be between 7 and 12 months of age.   His staff at the cattery say he’s a lovely friendly boy who is lovely with children and came into care with another little cat so he will probably settle in well with another cat in his new home.

He would love to meet you once the cattery’s lock down is over.



Billy and Becky – Rehomed

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Billy (black) and Becky (grey) were signed over to the RSPCA together. They are lovely, friendly cats. Billy is 18 and Becky is 10 years old. We would love to find them a home together. They would have to be indoor cats.

Sally – Rehomed

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Sally is estimated to be about 5 years old.   She is a lovely friendly little girl who can’t wait to meet you once the boarding cattery’s lock down is over.



Theo – Rehomed

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max-mastiff-x Theo, who is still very much a big puppy is approximately 2 years old.  He is a Mastiff cross and he is still growing into his paws.    Theo has a shiny black and white coat and we are sure he will turn heads wherever he goes.  He came to the branch to find his forever home via the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.

Theo is currently under the vet because he has small kidneys so he does need someone who is willing to carry on with his treatment if and when prescribed

He is a lovely, friendly, slobbery boy who will be lots of fun for any family who love large dogs.   But because of his size we are looking for an adult only home or one with teenage children as he is still uncoordinated could easily knock smaller children over in his excitement at meeting them.

First posted on 12.9.2019


Marlin – Rehomed

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marlin-bc Marlin, is now in the care of one of our Trustees, who is classed as a front line worker (animal care) and a regular fosterer of branch dogs.   When we needed to amend her microchip details we found that we had been given the wrong number, only one digit out but it made all the difference.   She will be celebrating her 13th birthday on 1st May this year.

Her blood tests have come back as normal even when we thought she was 10 so they are really good for a 13 year old.   She is now being weaned off the steroid tablets which were prescribed to help with her ear problems and we hope that she will soon be much better.

Because of her ongoing ear problems and now a suspicious lump whose biopsy is inconclusive, we have to wait until the vets at the hospital decide whether to remove the lump once the Covid 19 lock down is over or to leave it now we know her real age, but  we are putting this lovely Border Collie on hold until she is pronounced fit to go.  We will contact everyone again once we have the all clear from her veterinary surgeon.

She is a small border collie who is a little overweight and is unsure about some dogs she meets.  Marlin came to the branch to find a new family via one of our RSPCA inspectors as her previous owner is ill (not with Covid 19).

We are looking for a quieter home for Marlin, with a garden where she can play fetch and one where her new family will take her to new places and help her to enjoy life.

First published on 27.2.20 having been in kennels since before Christmas

Ace – rehomed

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ace-cat-2 Meet Ace … I’m looking for my forever home and can’t wait to meet you all when it’s safe to do so. I was left dumped in my carrier. But I’m glad I’m safe now. I’m 5 years old and a very friendly, loving boy.

Ace will be so happy to meet you once the cattery’s lock down is over.

Ronnie – Rehomed

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ronnieoldham Ronnie is a 14 week old puppy.  He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross.  He is full of mischief and fun and is looking for a home with no small children and a family who understands that he is still a puppy and will get up to lots of naughty things and will need his training carrying on.   Ronnie is very loving and loves being with people

Harriet – Rehomed

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Harriet This is little Harriet who was sadly bereaved.   She is a lovely little dog once she gets to know you but can be a bit grumpy when she wants to be.

At 11 years of age all this old girl wants is to have a loving home and a happy retirement.   She still likes her walks and to toddle around the garden.

If you would like to meet Harriet with view to adoption please ring 07811404346 to discuss Harriet further and perhaps make an appointment.

Poppy – Rehomed

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poppy-puppy-sitting Poppy is a little crossbreed puppy who is now just 5 months old.   She came into branch care with a broken leg which has now healed but her adopters should bear this in mind and let her have gentle exercise at first.

Poppy is a little sweetie and has been an excellent house guest with her foster family.   She is house trained and is dry in the night.  Poppy is currently living with Dobermans and a Boxer along with 2 cats and she gets on well with them all.

We are looking for family with older teenage children or an adult only home for little Poppy.


Bob kitten – Rehomed

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bob-kitten Meet Bob who is still a young boy at only 6 months old.   He came into branch care to have some much needed TLC by his foster mum.

Bob is a typical lively boy who loves to play and can be left for a few hours without getting into too much trouble.

We a looking for a family with or without children over 5 years of age who are gentle with animals they meet.