Cat Fostering Support Officer

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small-insp-and-kitten The branch is looking for a Cat fostering Support Officer who will help to recruit volunteer cat and kitten fosterers and support them in their role.    As a support officer you will be expected to visit each fosterer who has cat(s) and/or kitten(s) in their care on a weekly basis and distribute food and supplies and check on the health of the animals.

Full training will be given by vets at the RSPCA’s Animal Hospital.

Please note that this is not a paid position and could be undertaken by someone in full or part time work, not employed or retired as long as you are able to accept emergency texts or phone calls from fosterers during working hours.  You will not be asked to foster cats/kittens for the branch yourself. Mileage and other out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.

Download our information leaflet

and if you are interested in applying why not download our application form

(Please note that this form will show as read only but your should be able to complete it on your computer.   If not just save the form with a slightly different name and the read only should disappear.)

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