Ben – Rehomed

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bencolliecross This is Ben, a sheep dog cross, he is the happiest dog ever!  He loves meeting everyone and everything.

What’s great and not so great about Ben.

Ben is still very much a big, daft, clumsy pup so probably not suitable for families with young children.

He has boundless energy and is super clever, he only needs to be shown things once so would make a brilliant fly ball, agility dog.

Ben needs a very active home.  Although he hasn’t shown any aggression towards cats, he does think they would be great fun to chase.

Ben’s perfect family would be outdoor, active people with time and patience to teach him how to control his energy. ( training classes may be useful )

Ben has been left to grow up without stimulation, meaning he does have some silly bad habits such as jumping up.

We wouldn’t advise him going to a home where he will he left for long periods of time, he needs someone to be home most the time with him, or access to doggy daycare.

Ben just needs to learn it’s time to grow up!

In exchange for your time and patience, Ben will reward you with endless love and loyalty.

He is by far the happiest dog ever!

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