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[SinglePic not found]Arya is an 8 month old husky x malamute who is in the care of RSPCA Bury and Oldham Branch.  She arrived with her sister as underweight and un-socialised youngsters, but Bury and Oldham’s staff have been working on this, getting them used to new smells, sights and noises on walks around the reservoir.

They say that:

“Arya was the more malnourished and nervous sister but after a few treats she will become your best friend, she loves going on long walks although can get spooked by cyclists and runners as it’s something she had never experienced before.

She is a playful and high energy girl as she is still a pup but this characteristic is likely to follow her into adulthood too.  Bury and Oldham branch are looking for an owner with experience of the breed as they are an energetic and intelligent breed that need physical as well as mental stimulation. They can be strong-minded but she is very trainable to due her love of food and her willingness to work for treats.  Arya can be vocal but this is common in the breed.

She does have some problems with her hips so potential adopters need to be aware she could require treatment later in life, she will also need to come back to the centre on a monthly basis to be weighed to ensure she is gaining an appropriate amount.

Arya could possibly live with another dog but will need a home without any cats and children will need to be of secondary school age and older.”

If you would like to meet Arya she can be seen at Bury and Oldham’s Strinesdale Centre, Holgate Street, Oldham, OL4 2JW.  They are open 7 days each week between 11 and 4pm. You will need to book an appointment to meet Arya.  Tel: 0300 1111 333 or email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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