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We do our best to match adopters’ lifestyles with our dogs’ needs and we have an adoption process for anyone looking to give a home to a dog or puppy in our care.

For example: a young dog may be very lively and strong and could outlive an older person but we sometimes have dogs who have seen a bit more of life and have come into our care through no fault of their own. These older dogs are often very sensible and many have been well trained by their previous owners. They have reached middle age and would benefit greatly from the love, attention and extra time spent on them which can be found in the home of a retired person. Do let us know if you are looking for such a dog.

Please note – Most of our dogs and all puppies under 6 months old will only be rehomed to families where they will not be left at home for long hours during the day whilst the family is out at work and school, and who have no young children under 5 years of age.

Our leaflet Choosing a Dog? includes important questions for a successful adoption.

The true cost of a ‘free’ puppy or dog

These are the true initial costs of a free to good home adult dog or puppy when compared to one adopted from the RSPCA.

A free dog or puppy from a neighbour or newspaper advert A dog or puppy from the RSPCA Tameside and Glossop branch:
  • £15 – average cost for initial flea and Worm course
  • £20 – average cost for Microchipping
  • £50 – average cost for initial course of vaccinations
  • £35 – average cost for vet check
  • £100 to £300 – cost for neutering tiny to large males
  • £120 to £500+ – cost for neutering tiny to extra large bitches

Total approximate cost: £185 to £620+

  • Flea and worm treatment
  • Basic health check by a veterinary surgeon
  • Vaccinations against:
    • Canine distemper (Hard pad)
    • Canine parvovirus
    • Infectious canine hepatitis
    • Leptospirosis
    • Canine parainfluenza virus
  • Neutering and Microchipping
  • Dietary advice, help and back up

Total adoption fee: Adult dogs from £120, Puppies under 6 months from £150

The above procedures are the very BASIC things a puppy/dog needs to keep them healthy and safe. It’s not enough to love and feed them. Animals need your time and money too. Animals are a luxury and to care for one properly you need to consider all their needs for life.

We talk to EVERYONE who is taking on an animal about the whole spectrum of the care, commitment, housing and costs involved. This is to help people make an educated choice and safeguards the animal involved, our primary concern.


  1. Can I come and visit the dogs? We don’t have a ‘walk around’ centre so you will need to call or email us to let us know which dog you are interested in. Find the contact details for adoption on the right of this page.
  2. I’ve seen the dog I want, what next? Have a read of our adoption process for useful information and to make sure adopting a branch animal is right for you. Then get in touch to arrange to meet the dog you are interested in
  3. What is the adoption fee? The cost for adoption is from £120 for adult dogs and from £150 for puppies under 6 months of age, see the table above for what this includes.
  4. Where do you keep the dogs in branch care? Some dogs are fostered in various homes around Tameside and Glossop and others are in private boarding kennels.
  5. Can I make a financial donation to help branch dogs? Yes, you can donate directly to the branch by cheque or postal order, please send an email and we will gladly send you the correct address to send this type of donation to, or by cash at one of our collection days.

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